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Optik TV Remote Record App

I can no longer access my account on the Optik TV Remote Record App on iOS. I get an error message saying Connection Currently Unavailable.

Anyone having same issues??

Community Power User
Community Power User

Seems to work for me on iOS 10. Which iOS are you running? Also is it this remote record app?

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Oops shouldn't have tested mine (iOS 10) Deleted the app, reinstalled. "Channel data current not available, please try again later". Then the message currently unavailable.

Guessing something on the server side.

Same issue - latest firmware both on iPhone and iPad. Started about 2 weeks ago

It works on and off for some inexplicable reason

Same issue for me. iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10 point something.
I am, however, able to use the Optik TV app to view the guide and record programs...

Community Power User
Community Power User

You guys do realize there are two apps. The ancient one for iOS 5 that I suspect you're using, and the newer one that replaced it long ago. I've gotten the connection error on the ancient one once in a while. New one works much better.

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂

I was running the newer one 3.9.2, deleted it again rebooted the iphone reinstalled and worked again. Smiley Happy The older one i never downloaded as it was on "get" in the app store.


I've been experiencing intermittent issues with the app known as "Optik TV Remote Recording" (version 1.5).  Using iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1.1.

When it doesn't work I get the error messages "Channel data currently not available. Please try again later." or "Connection currently unavailable." - sometimes one follows the other.

I called Telus today (November 21) and they say it could be that my device and iOS are so new, they haven't caught up with a new version of the app.

However it was suggested on here to use "Optik Smart Remote" and that, so far, is working fine.  Might just delete the other app in favour of this one.  Plus it was last updated, January 2016, as opposed to the other one which was January 2012.

Waiting on a call back from Telus though as they delve further into the issue.  Whatever they tell me, I'll post here.

In a follow-up to my last post - just got off the phone with Telus.  The "older" app (the one not updated since January 2012) is toast.  It's going to be phased out soon, if it hasn't already.  Looking at the Smartphone Apps Add-on page, it's not even there anymore.

What I was told is that the "newer" app aka Optik Smart Remote (last updated in January 2016) will also be phased out.  The one app that will encompass everything will be "Optik on the go".

Hope this helps some people.

Perfect. I hadn't used the smart remote app in a long time. Didn't know I could record through it. Yay back to recording on the run. Thanks!!!

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Mines doing the exact same thing. So annoying. I used to love his app. I could be out somewhere and see something I wanted to record and just record it. It works for me like 1 out of 20 times. Come on TELUS. Fix this. And my crappy home internet connection.