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Optik TV Installation

Just Moved In

I live in a new apartment building and renters cannot make any changes to the buildings infrastructure. The in-house television system is very poor and I would like more options for TV. I was wondering what the rquirements are to get Optik installed and what all the Telus installer has to do?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

While you are waiting for an official answer.... my thoughts...

  • When Optik was installed in my home... they used the existing home's existing phone line.  No modifications here.
  • they found the phone lines between the home and the street to be too old, they had to replace that line.  This may be an issue for you.
  • the phone line ended in the kitchen, but my TV was in another room.... they found it better to put me on wireless cable boxes for more flexibility


If you already have Telus internet, the gateway would be plugged into a phone outlet.  Your TV boxes can then either be connected to it by ethernet cable or by a $100 5Ghz wireless access point that is used only for the wireless TV box.


If your phone outlet is not by the TV(doorways in the path of running an ethernet cable), depending on the phone line wiring, the phone outlet used for the Telus gateway could be wired to another outlet to avoid using/buying a VEN501 access point. 

Its a toss up on configurations in the residence for what is easy or hard for TV service.


Qualification tool for telus services.