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Optik TV Digital Box and Recording is a Disaster/Awful


Why is the Optik TV Digital Box so terrible?  Let me bullet point all of the things that every other PVR can do that this one cannot:

  1. Cannot set overruns.  The old Telus box would allow you to set a recording time (5 minutes earlier, 20 minutes later) which is especially critical for live sports, news etc.
  2. It is wildly inconsistent to record shows that are set as series recordings.
  3. The search function for shows is painfully terrible.  For example, with Shaw you press the Mic button, say the show (for example, "Bachelor").  Then it'll show you the program information, and then you can set the recording even if the show isn't going to be on for another 3 months and no time is set.  With the Telus Digital box, it will not do that.  Even if you find the program through the terrible search function, you CANNOT set the recording for the show (let alone any show even if it's on in half an hour).  You have to set recordings through the Guide. 
  4. It is riddled with bugs in the cloud.  One of my recordings isn't even a recording, it's a show that I did record but when I click it to play it, it prompts me to record it - but it's in my recordings!  And it cannot be deleted.  So this glitch/bug just sits there.
  5. The box crashes constantly.  I disabled the sleep function, but the box will crash and I will get an error code.  This is daily. Daily.  
  6. The Android control button is useless for actual navigation of cable.  It barely is useful for the apps.  Why not have a default mic button for cable?  Like "Turn to CNN" and then CNN comes on.  Shaw offers this.

The digital box lacks the most basic functionality that (a) other cable providers have and (b) Telus itself had on old hardware and (c) it is riddled with bugs.  

I'm on pure fibre 1gb.  

I need some clarity here.


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Agree with you 100% @Matthew123. I moved from Shaw to Telus a few months ago to save $40/month. You know the saying “you get what you pay for”, well there couldn’t be a truer statement. TELUS SHOULD BE EMBARASSED THAT THIS IS THEIR BEST TV PRODUCT THEY CAN OFFER. The OptikTV interface is absolute garbage. At this point, I already can’t wait for my 2 year plan to expire, so In can go back to Shaw. I will pay the extra money to have a decent (actually, very good) TV interface.

I could add about a half dozen or more shortcoming, but don’t want to waste my time.

If a Telus rep wants all of the deficiencies and inefficiencies of their interface, I would be more that willing to put together an extensive list.

I am so disappointed with myself for making the move after staying being with Shaw for over 20 years. I feel like I was totally naive in believing there couldn’t be that much difference.

Shame on you Telus!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Matthew123, thank you for the feedback. 


For overruns, we implemented an automatic 1-hour extension on all sports and a 3-hour extension on tennis. a while back. That said, it appears there is a bug where the extension isn't being applied to certain games. We're currently investigating this. 


For series recording, this is a known issue that the development team is actively working on resolving. 


For search and setting recordings, we have a recording option available on the content detail page once you click on the show poster. 


For recording errors, I will send you a DM about this, as we would like to investigate further. 


@Troy8 I've been forwarding the issues that have been circulating around this forum to our development team. If you have an extensive list that you'd like to share, I'll most definitely categorize it and pass it on. One thing I would say is the research, development, and testing period of a feature takes time, so the changes may not happen as fast as we'd like. 


Thank you for your patience and valuable feedback as we continue to work on improving the service! 

Goes for me too. I was with Shaw for over 20 years with no issues. Only reason that I signed onto Telus was they ran fibre to my house and thought that I would give it a try. What a big mistake. Absolutely hate their customer service, Optik TV and their Internet is a joke. So slow that it makes me wonder if they actually have a fibre network other than the fibre they install in my crescent.  Once my contract runs out I seriously considering going back to Shaw/Rogers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. While it's not the feedback our team strives for, I do want to thank you for sharing it as we're always working to improve our Optik service. @Optik-Kate there is some valuable info in this post that I'm sure would be good to share back with our dev team!

I totally agree with you that this box is useless. The only good thing is blue tooth but the rest is a big step backwards. I’m sorry I switched over this annoying device

I also experience similar issues, the device is unusable.
-series recordings default to channels not in my plan
- I update the series recording to use the channel in my plan. It only updated the episodes that show up in the future recordings, usually 1-2 weeks. After that the series recording stops
-I cant start recording a show that is already airing.
- I periodically end up recording a show where the whole episode is black

There are many other issues I have not listed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to gather your info, thanks.

Hi, @Gobananasgo Can you provide an example of the show recordings where the episode is all black screen? What was the show's name? 

This happened recently for Chicago Med. I record on channel 104, but when setting up recordings from the guide it defaults to channels where the show airs but are not in my plan. I have to carefully check every recording to ensure they are setup on channels that I get.


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I hate Telus Optik TV too - the box is just garbage. It keeps disconnecting from the Internet, as in like constantly, at least twice within an hour and EVERY SINGLE TIME when we turn the box on, it starts with a message saying it lost internet connection. This happened several times while watching the latest Canucks playoff game. I'm embarrassed to have friends over to watch anything on live TV. Also, when I try to call Telus, the automated AI told me to do thing like resetting all modems etc, and then asked: "Did that resolve the issue?" I replied, "No, it did not." Telus bot replied with something like: "Great! Glad it is resolved. Thanks for calling Telus." Then it freaking hung up on me. Like seriously, it was so frustrating. 

I couldn’t agree more. I switched from Shaw a year ago, and recently switched Telus boxes. We didn’t like the first style of Telus box, and absolutely can’t stand the new “upgraded” bluetooth box. So many glitches.
The recording options are dismal. How can I not overlap my recording time in 2024?
During a hockey game the 4K picture periodically loses quality; the guide is painfully slow to appear, the 30s rewind or fast forward lags EVERYTIME!
It’s just awful. I can’t wait until my contract is up to get rid of this crap!


I just switched from the 4K box to the 5K digital.  I too am greatly disappointed with the new boxes.  Biggest complaint is that we cannot extend a recording beyond its end time.  This is absolutely vital in almost any sport recording.  Forget about an automated over-run, just let us set and extra 1 2 or 3 hours.  The fast forward function is also far inferior to the old box where you can see the what is happening.  Also it is cumbersome to delete a recording after it has been viewed, And here are no controls on the box, if the remote fails you cannot even turn the box off.  I really hope that some of these serious shortcomings can be corrected, I pay $200 per month for this service and it is sub-par.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @wallyr, thanks for your feedback. A lot of the features you mentioned are in the works, for example - manual recording extension, zoetrope (to see what is happening while fast forwarding), and bulk delete recordings or delete after watching. We appreciate your patience while we work on rolling out these updates. 


Lastly, there is a power button on the box, it's right at the front where the circle is, and you can press it to turn the box on. 


My story is even worse - a Telus agent told me I could get the new box no problem. He even offered to wave the $10 monthly fee. He set up a visit with the technician to come and install  it. The tech came the following day. The technician installed the box but low and behold we could not record. It said I was not set up for recordings and to call 310-MITV (or something like). So I called Telus  got through to an agent he then said it was a tech support issue - tech support but me on hold and said the issue was that I was on legacy and needed to convert to Evolution and it would cost $10 extra per month. I said I was told that would be waved and he said he could not do anything about that so put me onto customer loyalty. Customer Loyalty was very apologetic and said they would fix everything ha ha. Basically they said I was on a legacy plan and to that I would need to be swapped to Evolution. But I would have to convert all my boxes as you cannot have a mix of the old Cisco boxes with the new cloud recording. He said no probelm and sent me to tech support. Tech support spent 2 hours with me (after spending two hours with the other run around) Then he came back and said that it was not possible to convert me to the Evolution plan and I would have to stay on Legacy with the old Cisco box and my regular PVR. Thankfully the tech who did the install have me his business card and I was able to call him to bring back my old PVR. But while I played around with the new box I would concur it is a piece of junk compared to the old "legacy" Cisco boxes.

I thought the selling feature would be cloud recording but after spending half a day with calls to Telus I am relieved I am back to the old way. But displeased that the first agent I talked to did not bother to see that I was on legacy

We're sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. We're glad to hear that the technician was able to assist you by returning your old PVR. We'll ensure your feedback is passed along to the relevant team for future review and improvement. If you have any further concerns or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team directly, and we'll be happy to help.