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Optik Slimline remote not sync with Tv

Just Moved In

I have had optik for about a year with the 42" LG tv that is given with promotion and worked fine. Today the remote stopped syncing with the tv. So i factory reset it (held down options button typed in 1000) and then went through the regular remote programming but every time it gets to holding down the power button the tv and box will shut off but then immediately turn back on again before I can press ok so the remote does not program. What now? 


My instructions with LG TV received a month ago: Tap the MODE button so that the red light beside TV comes on. Press and hold MODE button for 3 seconds, until red TV light flashes twice. Enter the code for your TV: LG is 15 The light will flash twice. Press and hold Power ON/OFF button. TV should shut of. Remove finger Press OK. The red light will flash twice. Tap the MODE button so that OPTIK light is on. Press POWER ON.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

If the steps that Optik_Owl provided, do not work. The alternative would be to request a new remote from TELUS. As you would have exhausted all programming troubleshooting. If the new remote didn't work, it might be a problem with the LG TV's IR receiver module, that picks up the signal from the Slimline Remote or perhaps that a recent software update to the TV has negated the compatibility with the remote. Ultimately, I recommend reaching out to TELUS Technical Support at or 310-8324 if issues continue.