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Optik Slim Remote

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It would seem TELUS has taken a step backward with their TV remote. I recently added a second TV to my home and the technician provided me with a replacement remote for my original a the same time as I had the old model and it's volume control was getting a bit flakey. I also wanted to have the same remote type at both TVs for simplicity. My original TV gets its signal from my home theater amplifier which in turn receives the PVR/ Optik signal. The old remote (Cisco) could easily be configured to control all 3 devices for power on and off AND control the volume/mute. The new one I have tried many times to do the same without any luck. I can program it to turn on/off the TV and the PVR together but even though I can turn the amplifier off/on during the remote setup procedure I can never then get the remote to turn on all 3 together. I have to use the mode key and select AUX to do so or use the amplifier remote. Both are not as simple as what I have with the older remote.

Why would TELUS accept a lesser remote than those they used to provide (Cisco)?

I have gone through the remote reset (option button then 1000) and reprogrammed the remote multiple times and still cannot manage to control all 3 units together for power not to mention sound controls. I'll continue to use the older remote model in my home theater room until it becomes unusable. Fortunately my second TV uses the TV sound so the remote works for this just fine. Trouble is I now have to think about using two different remote models. I know it can be a challenge to have a universal remote that works 100% but the older Cisco model worked fine and the equipment is all newer Panasonic and Pioneer so hardly obscure brands. And I only want on/off and sound controls; hardly asking for that much.


Just Moved In

People don’t think of user friendly, they don’t put themselves in the user’s position.


Shaw is worse than Telus.

Both bureaucracies, their failure to KISS is costing them dearly in service calls.


Same with cellular phones. The popular RAZR V3c has dumb user interface features like reflective grayish background on the keys and white letting, and the little Samsung a645 was worse. (A capable basic phone but bad reputation which may have necessitated discounting it more and earlier  than intended. Its UI qualified for Walter Shawlee's term User Hostile.)

Friendly Neighbour

Out of curiousity, what brand of receiver are you using? Have you been using the code search or 4-digit codes to program the remote?


It's not possible to have the slimline remote link the power on/off for 3 devices. It's a limitation of the remote. You could use a 3rd party programmable remote like a Harmony.


"I had the old model and it's volume control was getting a bit flakey."
Was the down volume not working or working only if you pressed it harder? It's a commonly reported problem.

I've taken the remote apart and managed to fix mine. It's looks like a manufacturing defect on the silicone keypad. The contacts under down volume button do not conduct very well. The fix I did was to glue a small piece of aluminum foil on top of the contact points behind the button. Looks hack because it blocks the LED under the button but it works like a charm.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

If this problem ever comes up, TELUS will replace the remote free of charge through Technical Support. As it would fall into the warranty replacement category. or 310-8324. : )

Will TELUS replace my remote with a Classic or Slimline? I prefer to keep my Classic with the fix over a getting new Slimline.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

The mediaroom/classic remote was discontinued by TELUS some time ago, so it would be the Slimline.

Telus had to replace our old remote twice (did so free of charge) in about 2 and half years.  Could not reduce Volume without pressing very very hard.  The new Slim is much better and the light beside the Mode - Optik box, TV, and the 3rd item makes it easy to know what button will shut off the TV and leave the Box on to listen to music on Headphones....