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Optik On the Go questions

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Just saw the Optik On the Go on TV... some questions...

  • if I'm watching on wifi.... does it need to be in Canada?  Can I be in the USA or China?
  • how fast does this public wifi need to be?  Will it work with 500Kbps download at many hotels during peak periods?
  • how does it work if I'm using it on the bus like in the TV commercial?  Does it use a mobile connection?  Will I be burning up my Telus Data?  Or is Optik On the Go content excluded from my regular data consumption? 


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi there! To answer your questions:


  • Yes, it would need to be within the country. It will not work on Non-Canadian WiFi connections.
  • You would of course want a connection that can support streaming video. Generally anything above 3Mbps (higher than that is more ideal) can stream fine. Although the greater the connection, the better.
  • For use on mobile data networks, it would apply the same as any other video streaming service and does impact data consumption. The rate varies depending on the quality of the content (SD vs. HD).


Hopefully that helps, xl!