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Optik Master Box

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My master box (I have two slaves as well) responds extremely slow most of the time.  I have my remote programmed to control my TV (TV) and a receiver (Aux) as well.  The green light on the box lights up when I hit a button but usually takes a long time to respond (sometimes not at all).  I've used one of the other remotes that came with the slave boxes and it responds much faster but it's programmed to default, not to control TV and/or receiver.


I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue before I try programming a different remote.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If the the box's power light blinks when you push the button on the remote, the issue is not the remote but the box itself lagging. My PVR lags a bit at times but not constantly. That may be why the other remotes seem to work better. If it stops lagging by the time you try the second remote, it may appear to work better.

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