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Optik Local/Ambience/Christmas Tree & Snowglobe?

Just Moved In

Hi there.


We notice that these two programs were removed from the TV on demand menu this week. We were wondering why these were taken down as other seasonal ambience programmes were left up. We watch the Christmas Tree one at least once a week, regardless of the time of year, and we miss not having it there.


Is it possible for our beloved Christmas Tree to be reinstated?


Thank you.




Good Samaritan

It's a seasonal program so it will be up again during Christmas season.

I understand that, but the Halloween ambience feature is still there. We do miss it- can it at least be made recordable so we can enjoy it year round?


Please indulge us on this llittle thing that means a  lot to us.


Thank you



I guess you can always send your feedback to 🙂