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Optik Information bar showing too long

Just Moved In

When I am surfing and see something on the preview square at the corner, and I see its something of interest (usually a news headline) I go to that channel, but when I do - the bar Telus/Optik puts on showing the channel, show, etc., stays on way too long and I miss the part that caught my interest.  I've searched the settings to shorten this or delete it all together but I can't find it.


On the same line thread of information seeking - when I'm in the "guide" mode grid on the TV - when it shows the TV title and a description of the episode - the first 3 line description screen is on for too short to read it all, so you have to wait for the next loop to come about and then it goes through two more screens showing (actors) and then to the original show date - and those take soo long (they only show one line usually).  Kinda opposite!! 


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Pressing the "Back/Exit" button helps.  Otherwise the back arrow (curved) helps go back 10 seconds will help.

Community Power User
Community Power User

To clear the bar just hit Back/Exit on the remote. Just remember you can rewind live TV usually so you can always go back to the point you switched channels.


To see all info for the selected show in the guide just hit the Info button.

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The old classic remote I could press the play button to get rid of the status bar after changing channel.


With the new slimline remote, I press the INFO button twice quickly. 


I hadn't tried/figured out the Back/Exit button, but just tried it and it works well. Thanks for that!