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Optik Evolution Regular HD Channels look terrible

Hey guys do we have an update to this?? The 4K channels look great but the regular hd channels are literally blurry. Like Sportsnet4K vs SportsnetHD is crazy. The bitrate is worse than Sportsnet app.

The box also doesn't change between HDR vs SDR constantly stays in HDR on my G3 OLED.

I'm very dissapointed.

Anyone from Telus that can chime in or are we gonna have to deal with this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Which specific TELUS PVR equipment do you have? And have you spoken with our Tech Support team about this?

Hey @A-B

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately there's lots of forums about this regarding the new Telus TV Digital box.

The HDR vs SDR I found some on here with no one at Telus responding.

The same goes with picture quality. Guess I'll have to use the Sportsnet app. Which is mind boggling.

Yup - it’s incredibly brutal. Even the 4K isn’t that great - better, but not where it should be. It’s frustrating.

What I don't understand is why none of the admins or the Optik TV team won't give answers if I didn't get a good deal on it I wouldn't be subscribed still. The HD channels are 480p at best. I just want hope that it'll be fixed cause the 4K channels are terrible and look pretty decent.

The way they are ignoring these is what scares me.

Sorry I mean the 4K channels are pretty decent.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @ShawnTheSheep,


The TELUS TV Digital Box uses adaptive bitrate streaming, so if your connection quality or bandwidth is constrained, you will notice lower quality streams. We always recommend hardwiring when possible to eliminate Wi-Fi as the problem and ensuring you have adequate bandwidth etc. If you're on a copper connection at the end of the line and have multiple TVs'll notice it.


The top layer for HD channels is 720p, so definitely shouldn't be SD resolution or blurry given adequate bandwidth. Top layer for 4K channels is 2160, and though most sports programming is in HD, it does upscale. The other 4K channels have more programming filmed in 4K, but YMMV on whether you find the content compelling.


The forced HDR output is an issue that we have been dealing with our chipset vendor on. There should be an update in the new year with a firmware update that allows DSR/HDR switching.

I’m going to step in here and comment.

There’s absolutely no way I’m h#$$ it’s 720. I’ve got fibre and of course plenty of bandwidth. No way - it’s hot garbage quality on the HD channels (old Optik was fine by the way). And hardwired as well.

I don't think it's HD as well. I got fibre as well. Theres hopefully an update coming or I'll be using the Sportsnet app when the games aren't on one of the 4K channels which is disspointing especially when paying for cable.

I will second that the SN app is a higher quality as I watch regularly because I need the NHL package.

Sportsnet app does 1080 on most devices listed on there website and @KHR mentioned they're only doing 720p. When watching on a big tv you notice a huge difference. I just use the Sportsnet app with the Telus login lol.

Yea I use the Apple TV and it’s 1080 - I hope Telus actually looks into this and figures it out

Hey @KHR,

Just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to respond. That means a lot. I'm glad the SDR vs HDR is being fixed as it causes washed out colors especially on OLED TVs.

I switched over from Shaw, and they had better quality for sure. Maybe upping the top layer to 1080i at least?? It doesn't even feel HD on the channels. The 4K channels on the other hand are definitely 4K. So it's definitely something you guys should be able to improve and I'm a bit hopeful haha.

If there's time please compare the old boxes to the new box it's a big difference. My cousin has the old Telus boxes and the quality is so much better it's not even close. The Sportsnet app at 1080 looks better than the Telus box which in my opinion when paying for cable is a big deal.

As far as bandwidth is concerned, u can see the initial quality then a jump once it's turned on and then it stays that way. If I switch to any 4K channel it looks terrific. It's something to do with the HD channels. Watching sports is pretty tough even all the football games on Sundays via CTV. If I use there app it's way better not even close.

Again, I appreciate your attention to this matter I hope it is resolved. Other than that I don't mind the tv box, I know others say it's slow I only find that is the case initially when the unit boots up.