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Optik 4K issues with Sony Bravia 4K TVs

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I was told by TELUS support that a select Sony Bravia 4K TVs have issues with the Optik 4K PVR. Do you have a list of specific Sony 4K models that are affected by this issue? 


Turns out it was just my receiver. Not compatible with 4K.

I should also mention the HDMI cables that telus provided were not compatible with 4k. You'd think these guys would know this stuff? I'll assume the tech at my house was the new guy.

Hello, I seem to be having a 4K issue with my Sony XBR-65X850C.


The issue is, 4K looks exactly the same as HD :-((


I am using my own High Speed HDMI cables.

I have enabled Enhanced HDMI Signal Format on my TV's settings.

I have enabled 3840x2160p 4K @ 60hz on my Telus 4k receiver. (My TV confirms the signal display is 4K)

I have Optik 150/150 internet.


I have recorded various sport broadcasts on SportsNet and/or TSN 4K channels (NBA, NHL, World Junior Hockey etc.) and they all have looked identical to the regular HD broadcast.


Even when watching live TV and switching back and forth between the same program being shown on the 4K channel and regular HD channel there is absolutely ZERO difference in the picture quality.


I bought a 4K TV and Optik 4K PVR but feel like I'm getting jipped...


What am I missing? 

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Community Power User

There is exceedingly little being broadcast in 4K, as discussed in other topics in the Neighbourhood. If I recall, a few Toronto Home Games and a few other games.  You are likely seeing HD broadcasts being used to fill the airtime.


@vishwa may have more info on the 4K experience.


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Unfortunately, not.  I had paired a 28" 4K monitor(Samsung 28U590) with the 4K receiver.  At the time there wasn't any 4K Channel except Ch 26.  Then there was a firmware upgrade and I lost the ability to use the monitor(it only supports either 24 or 30Hz @ 2160p).  There now is a Love Nature(ch 714) which has some really nice content but my monitor doesn't support 2160p@60Hz with HDMI inputs(it does on the displayport).  

What about a 4K60HDMI to display port adapter?  Startech makes one that I've used before in the past.  It worked well.

Everyone of those I looked at support only one way: Displayport output to HDMI input.  I want it the other way.  I tried a C2G hdmi to displayport cable and it doesn't show anything on the display.  

Ahhh, I get it.  You want the HDMI signal to be converted to 2160p/60 to go to display port input.  


Still it sounds like your monitor IF it can do 2160P/60 over DP and not HDMI sounds wrong.  It's likely that you are still possibly using a HDMI 1.4 cable that is not capable of HDCP 2.0.  Remember that the cable has to fully support HDMI 2.0 which is a 18Gbps cable.  I had one cable that was HDMI 1.4 capable of working on 2160P/30 but not 2160P/60.  Once I replaced the cable with a newer one that was rated for 18Gbps, I got my full capability.  I used to think HDMI cables were all the same, but my older ones cannot handle the throughput.


Amazon makes some cheap 18Gbps cables that work quite well.  Always choose the shortest cable that will reach.  Yes it does make a difference.  Like I said, I had an older cable that was working, so I dismissed the importance of the cables.  In a 4K UHD world, the cables are super important again.

Sorry, I just looked your monitor up, and it states on the website that they updated the HDMI port to support UHD.  There might be a firmware update for that monitor, but the cable stuff I mentioned still stands.