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OPTIK TV - VIP5662 with Slimline 2 remote control via IR Extender


I've seen that similar questions have been asked and responded to, but the information is sometimes dated or not up to date with current hardware offered by Telus. So here goes......


I was provisioned with an Arris VIP5662W as the whole home PVR, two additional Arris VIP5602 set top boxes, each of them with a Slimline 2 remote (model 2774) control. All of the Telus branded (Arris manufacture) equipment is located in the basement in an audio/video shelf(s). The HDMI is converted to/from the TV(s) via Omage QHX3 HDMI baluns ( over a single cat6 cable. I am NOT able to control the Arris equipment via the Slimline 2 remote using the IR transmitter/receiver function.



1. The Arris and Slimline products operate as expected when in the same location

2. The HDMI balun is effective at transmitting the signal from the remote location (basement) to the TV (main floor)

3. The IR transmitter/receiver which is integrated into the above HDMI balun is successful at sending an IR signal with other (Motorola, Pioneer, etc.) equipment.

4. A Logitech Harmony 1000, with coding set to Arris VIP5662W and wireless RF extender will NOT work with the VIP5662.



1. Substitute the Slimline 2 remote with an AT&T u-Verse remote (p/n S30-S1A)

2. Replace the IR transmitter/receiver with the Cablestogo 40430 or Xantech dl85k product

3. Specific to the Harmony......a potential solution was to select either the Bell Fibe VIP5662W or the Cisco CIS430 in the configuration


Any confirmation of these 'solutions' or even a method to get the original configuration to work would be appreciated.




Related to this topic............both the Arris VIP5602W and VIP5662W seem to have Bluetooth connectivity.........this is confirmed when you search the internet and find setup instructions to pair these hardware devices to a Slimline 2 remote on the website. Has anyone had any success pairing the Telus version of the Slimline 2 to these HD boxes? If if fact its possible, then I may be able to forego the whole IR transmitter/receiver configuration that I cant seem to get working.

Have you had success connecting your remote and hd pvr via bluetooth?

I have tried this with the bell Bluetooth remote. It pairs with the pvr and operates in same way as the telus slimline remote. Haven’t been able to adjust it to control the tv directly.