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OPTIK NHL CENTRE ICE package Missing Channels


Starting with the 2014/15 season, the Ottawa Senators have moved their regional coverage from Sportsnet to TSN. This means, to my knowledge, the Telus OPTIK NHL Centre Ice package is the ONLY Centre Ice package in ALL OF CANADA that won't offer the regional channels of any CANADIAN team east of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.


So if you have Optik, you can't watch the JETS, LEAFS, SENATORS or CANADIENS if the game is only being broadcast on the teams regional network, even if you have NHL Centre Ice and you live 2,000 miles away.


Conversely, BELL, SHAW and ROGERS offer ALL those channels in THEIR Centre Ice packages so if you have one of those providers, you will get ALL the games of ALL the CANADIAN teams. (Assuming you also have CBC, CITY, SN and TSN for any of the games in your area that are blacked out on Centre Ice).


What makes this even more ridiculous is, if you have Telus satellite, that Centre Ice package has all those channels (since Telus is simply re-selling Bells service).


BOTTOM LINE - In a hockey mad country like Canada, TELUS MUST update their OPTIK Centre Ice package for the 2014/15 season so that Canadians can watch every game of every Canadian team, not just those that are west of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  



Hi gw0tz


While Telus does offer NHL GameCenter Ice to it's customers, ultimately the service is offered and controlled by the NHL.


I recommend speaking to them to get a complete answer, since they decide the broadcasting rights for games and their local markets and blackout restrictions, Telus has no control over these conditions or restrictions.


If you are blacked out of a game and believe you should have access, please contact NHL GameCenter LIVE™ customer support at 866-210-6349 (U.S.) or +1-407-708-1356 (Outside of the U.S.) between the hours of 9am to 2am ET.




For more info or to chat with one of our support reps please visit us at:
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No offense but I keep going around in circles with a bunch of people at Telus that keep trying to erroneously pass the blame onto the NHL when the problem is clearly at TELUS. 


Last season, the TELUS OPTIK Centre Ice package was different than the Centre Ice packages offered by BELL or SHAW. The BELL and SHAW packages BOTH offered the channels LEAFS-TV and TSN-JETS. If there was a game being broadcast on either of those channels and (eg) a person lived west of Saskatchewan and they had Centre Ice with BELL or SHAW they could watch it. 


The TELUS OPTIK Centre Ice package did NOT offer EITHER of those channels. So even if a person lived (eg) west of Saskatchewan, if they had the OPTIK Centre Ice package those channels were not even available to them. If they wanted to watch a game on either of those channels they would have to (eg) visit their neighbour to the left who had Centre Ice with BELL or their neighbour to the right who had Centre Ice with SHAW (who were both able to watch games on those channels).


Bottom line. The problem is NOT with the NHL it's at TELUS. It seems TELUS has bought a Centre Ice package that was designed for viewers in Southern California NOT viewers in Canada. 


In any event, since ROGERS now have absolute control of the distribution of Centre Ice in Canada I'm hoping EVERY Centre Ice package in Canada, regardless of who the service provider is, will be the same, and my problem will be resolved on its own (without any help whatsoever from Telus).  

Just Moved In

I have the exact same problem as you.  I want to watch every Jets game, but cannot though Telus.  It was extremely frustrating last season.  This season I will likely subscribe though NHL Game Centre instead of through Telus, which offers every feed.  I also found no luck trying to get answers through Telus, or TSN, or NHL regarding the lack of coverage.

Friendly Neighbour

I'm a Sens fan living in  Calgary who just switched from Shaw to Telus and have been very happy with it...until now. Please tell me this is changing for the 2014/15 season! This is important enough to me that I have no problem switching back to Shaw. Is there another option to see Regional Sens games?

Bell used to own an operation the National broadcasting rights. Under their wings, they were more willing to share and negotiate the right with other partner. This is not the case with Rogers. NHL Center Ice is going to start soon and some of you will be surprises to see that even on NHL Center Ice or Game Center Live on console, There is blackout and all national games could not be seen on either product. 


The National Hockey League is 100% responsible for these since they are the one who negotiated the new terms with Rogers 

Friendly Neighbour



Now would be a great time to chime in, as there seems to be great confusion on this subject.





There are National and Regional broadcast rights set by the NHL. If a game is being broadcast within your region, you will be able to tune in, if it is outside of your region, you will not be able to watch unless you subscribe to NHL Centre Ice (regular season only).  Optik TV NHL Centre Ice package does not include channels that offer regional broadcasts of JETS, LEAFS, SENATORS and CANADIENS games. 

More info on NHL stance:


Schedule located here:


The reason that Shaw Direct/Cable and Bell Satellite offer the full package is that the satellite companies are national and have access to all games where as we are regional. Notwithstanding this we are hopeful that we get the full slate of games. 


Our TELUS content team is evaluating the NHL Center Ice product to ensure that our Optik TV NHL Center Ice product offering is competitive in terms of quality and quantity versus other companies NHL Center Ice offerings


I think I understand. Perhaps there should be a note or asterisk of some kind stating that Telus' NHL Center Ice is not the "full package" as offered by other providers. I know I would have thought twice about plopping down $200 had I known I would not have access to regional Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal games I've had in previous years with Shaw. However, I'm very hopeful this issue can be remedied by puck drop on Oct 8th.


 Golden Eagle




The following statement is made in the 3rd paragraph under the heading "What is NHL Centre Ice" in the link that you provided;




"Sportsnet, TSN, and US regional games from outside your local market will be included"



I understand that statement to mean that ALL the games on ALL the regional Sportsnet channels SNP/W/E/O AND ALL the games on ALL the regional TSN channels TSN3/4/5 (outside your local market) WILL be available to everyone if they buy NHL Centre Ice (regardless of who their provider is). 



Telus is a service provider in Canada where hockey is King. The biggest TV audience in Canada ever was for a hockey game. There are fans of EVERY Canadian team in EVERY province in this country. It is IMPERATIVE that the OPTIK Centre Ice package includes ALL the regional channels that the above statement says it will. 



It's the 11th hour, SOMEBODY at TELUS can make it happen. Telus has 9 days left to get this right. 




If this is the case...and telus/NHL Centre Ice is not displaying all the games! 


We must make this a social media turned VIRAL. Do not subscribe to this TV PROVIDER and go with Rogers!!

This is more than frustrating, paying 200$ when i was CLEARLY told when I called to ask why RDS was blocked because of my location ( Alberta) I was then told that I needed to purchase MHL CENTRE ICE to view ALL games. 

Now I read that I cannot get a refund and I will miss alot of Habs, Sens games.... They will have to refund or figure out a way because, I will bring this to twitter, facebook, and forums! Lets see how much 200$ is worth to them. 

Media perhaps? see how they are stealing from consumers? If you are uncertain, just say it, I would of waited until i had confirmation. 


Anyone else here agree? or is there more information which I am not getting? 


Rogers is the way to go from what I understand....My recording of the conversation with Telus employee will certainly give me Legal advantage.

I'll assist you with your evaluation


In it's current state your product is not only inferior but entirely worthless to the tens of thousands of hockey fans who specifically follow Eastern Teams

On the NHL Website, there is no difference between Rogers, TELUS and Shaw.




  • With NHL Centre Ice on Rogers you get up to 40 key regular season games per week, including a number of games in high definition.
  • See the best match-ups, including games from VERSUS, NBC and U.S. Regional Sports Networks.



  • With NHL Centre Ice on Shaw you get up to 40 key regular season games per week, including a number of games in high definition.
  • See the best match-ups, including games from VERSUS, NBC and U.S. Regional Sports Networks


  • With NHL Centre Ice on Telus TV you get up to 40 key regular season games per week, including a number of games in high definition.
  • See the best match-ups, including games from VERSUS, NBC and U.S. Regional Sports Networks

Search for a certain blogs in google that gives an pretty extensive look of what he schedule will looks like this year for Canadian team. Unfortunately, I can't link it here.



SO much misinformation in this thread, so listen to me very carefully!


NHL Centre Ice has its OWN SET OF CHANNELS. When a person has Centre Ice, they don't watch regional games on the same channels as the people who actually live in those regions do. The Centre Ice HD channels on Telus are from 1101-1114. This is where you watch ALL OUT OF MARKET GAMES if you have Centre Ice. I'm a Leafs fan in Edmonton and have watched every regional game on one of these channels for the past several years. 


This year all of the Leafs regional games (broadcast on TSN4 and Sportsnet Ontario) will be available between channel 1101-1114 on Optik TV in HD.


This should be the case for anyone else who follows a team that isn't their local team.


TSN 3,4,5 and Sportsnet Pacific, West, Ontario, East will continue to be blacked out when non-local games are being shown, AS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE.


I used to have both Shaw and Shaw Direct (when it was Starchoice), and the out of market games were ALWAYS on a set of separate channels that were higher up on the channel list and no where close to the regular sports channels.


All of this being said, I notice that the Centre Ice channels are not yet showing up in my guide. They are however in the settings where you customize your guide and check/uncheck the channels you want to see. I'm thinking Telus has just pulled them from everyones guides until Thursday when regional broadcasts start. In previous years however these channels have always been shown in the guide throughout the summer. I'm not worried about it!




Does anyone know if the 2014/2015 Telus OPTIK NHL Centre Ice package will include ALL the TSN regional channels this year (since it never has before)? I can't imagine Telus would offer a $200 package that won't include TSN3 (JETS), TSN4 (Leafs) or TSN5 (Senators) but.........? It's already bad enough that there's no pre-season games in the package either....... 



Friendly Neighbour

I am very interested in hearing an answer to this. Is there another option to see Regional Sens games while living in Calgary?

I believe that every game for every Canadian team will be available to every Canadian as long as they have;


1) all the channels that Rogers will use to broadcast all the "National" games (CBC, SN1, SN360, CITY) AND,


2) the "regional" SN or TSN channel for their region. (ie: SNW if they live in Calgary) AND,


3) they have an NHL Centre Ice package that includes ALL the Canadian "regional" channels (TSN3/4/5 and SNP/W/E/O).


Note: Not sure if they will also need to buy some home team PPV games (which would be blacked out on Centre Ice in the home teams region).


If a person has all 3 of the above, and they live in Calgary (for example), they could watch the Senators/Islanders game on Dec 2 being broadcast on TSN-5 on the Centre Ice channel that is broadcasting TSN-5. (Because the TV is not located within the Senators "region", they can only see the game on the Centre Ice channel that is broadcasting TSN-5 - the game would be blacked out on their "regular" TSN-5 channel)


The problem is finding a service provider in your area that offers a Centre Ice package that includes ALL the Canadian "regional" channels.


For the past 2 years at least, the Telus OPTIK Centre Ice package has been different than the Centre Ice package offered by Bell Expressvu and Shaw. While Bell and Shaw only offer one feed to any game, they have always offered ALL the Canadian regional channels in their package. Alternately, the OPTIK package has always offered both home and away feeds in HD to a lot of games, which was definitely a plus, but it didn't offer feeds to all the games. The most notable/significant frustrating channel omissions last year were ALL the TSN regional channels (TSN-JETS and TSN-HABS) and LEAFS-TV. It also didn't offer at least 3 of the MSG channels (Sabres, Islanders, Devils).  I recall wanting to watch a Jets/Islanders game last year that was being broadcast on TSN-JETS and MSG-PLUS, but neither of those feeds were available in my OPTIK Centre Ice package. A quick call to Shaw and the game was available in their package. Extremely frustrating............


So, if a person is contemplating buying the OPTIK Centre Ice package, since there are no refunds once the season starts, and since Telus won't tell anyone beforehand what Canadian regional channels will be included in their 2014/15 Centre Ice package, the only way to ensure you don't pay $200 for a glass half full is to wait until October 9 to make sure that the Senators/Nashville TSN5 feed and the Jets/Coyotes TSN3 feed are both being broadcast on a Centre Ice channel. If only the Nashville and Arizona feeds are being broadcast on Centre Ice, then the TELUS package won't include ANY of the TSN regional channels, which means none of the TSN regional broadcasts of the Senators, Leafs or Jets games will be available on Centre Ice and you will be paying $200 for a glass that's half empty.


Having said all that, if it turns out the OPTIK Centre Ice package hasn't changed from last year, since the package does offer both home and away feeds to a lot of games, the majority of the regional TSN games should be available in Centre Ice on the other teams broadcast of the game. But if I recall correctly, none of the games on any of the MSG channels (Islanders, Devils, Rangers, Sabres) or Philly (at minimum) would be available. Also of note, there isn't one game where the only two feeds are both regional TSN feeds. So every time the Jets, Senators and Leafs play each other it's a national broadcast.


IMO, not informing customers beforehand what Canadian regional channels will or won't be included in their OPTIK Centre Ice package BEFORE they buy it is an extremely shady way of doing business.   

You are wrong.


TSN3/4/5 will only be available in their restricted regions. That means I can't watch any of the games on TSN3/4/5 out west. Jets will only be available in Manitoba, the senators and the leafs in Ontario. 66 habs games are only available in Quebec on RDS has per the official statement they have made on their website. TVA Sports will broadcast the remaining games. All the NHL Playoffs game will be broadcasted by TVA Sports in french and Rogers in English throughout Canada. Things changes last year when the NHL and Gary Bettman  re-negotiated the NHL Broadcasting rights to Rogers media instead of Bell Media. So whatever rules was set last year, you have to forget about it. They do not apply.


That being said gw0tz, I find it appalling that a premium member who pays 200$ for a season does not have access to every single game in HD. Same things goes from NHL Gamecenter live. They are too many blackouts and this solely reside on the shoulder of the NHL.

You'll have to forgive me as I am new to Telus, but are you saying the games being blacked out here on various TSN channels for example, will not be available on Center Ice? I thought the whole purpose of CI was to view games not available in your local market?

They should not be blackout. As per the NHL website :

Blackout restrictions exist to protect the local telecasters of each NHL game in the local markets of the teams. Keep in mind that blackout policies and restrictions are different for every sports package that your system may carry. (NHL CENTER ICE is designed for the NHL fan who wants to see NHL games in addition to those which involve the team(s) in their local markets).

If you are located in a team's television territory, check your local listings for all locally televised games. NHL CENTER ICE is not able to televise these games.

If you are located in a team's television territory and their local regional sports network is not available on your current cable or satellite provider, you will not be able to see these games in NHL CENTER ICE. This is a distribution issue between the regional sports network and the cable/satellite provider. The blackout remains intact as the local regional sports network has the rights to these games in your area.

This is unacceptable and I have to believe that is more than just Telus who will be losing money. 


Surely the NHL and possibly even the franchises get a percentage of the $200 bucks we willingly shell out every year for Centre Ice.


Somebody REALLY dropped the ball on this one.  There are literally tens of thousands of fans "out West" who closely follow Eastern teams.  We don't subscribe for "up to 40 out of market games per week" we subscribe to follow a specific team....... PERIOD.


With 42 games being regionally broadcast for the LEAFS this year I effectively get not one single game I want for my 200 bucks.  I called and cancelled my long time subscription he other night and the rep told me he had "hundreds" of cancellations that night alone.



This issue alone is defining Telus as a small time and insignificant player in the larger broadcasting spectrum. 


Bell, Shaw and Rogers aka "the big boys" are clearly sending a message to the Western consumer that Telus is a minor league  outfit and not worthy of a seat at the grown ups table


Figure this out!