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OPTIK NHL CENTRE ICE package Missing Channels


Starting with the 2014/15 season, the Ottawa Senators have moved their regional coverage from Sportsnet to TSN. This means, to my knowledge, the Telus OPTIK NHL Centre Ice package is the ONLY Centre Ice package in ALL OF CANADA that won't offer the regional channels of any CANADIAN team east of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.


So if you have Optik, you can't watch the JETS, LEAFS, SENATORS or CANADIENS if the game is only being broadcast on the teams regional network, even if you have NHL Centre Ice and you live 2,000 miles away.


Conversely, BELL, SHAW and ROGERS offer ALL those channels in THEIR Centre Ice packages so if you have one of those providers, you will get ALL the games of ALL the CANADIAN teams. (Assuming you also have CBC, CITY, SN and TSN for any of the games in your area that are blacked out on Centre Ice).


What makes this even more ridiculous is, if you have Telus satellite, that Centre Ice package has all those channels (since Telus is simply re-selling Bells service).


BOTTOM LINE - In a hockey mad country like Canada, TELUS MUST update their OPTIK Centre Ice package for the 2014/15 season so that Canadians can watch every game of every Canadian team, not just those that are west of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  


We can get Asian channel Pilipino and Iraqi tv but not tsn3. Wtf

TSN only has regional rights. Not Telus' fault. Though since Centre Ice is in free preview, you can see the Jets game on channel 1113.

Regional games are subject to blackout including TSN 3/4/5. Bell no longer holds the national broadcasting right to the NHL games. It is own by rogers. All Jets/Senators/Leafs games will only be available regionally. 


It's a good sign that the Jets and Sens games are both listed in the guide on Center Ice this Thursday. Both are TSN regional games. I guess we will find out then for sure if these games will be available.

Crash7: (11:00AM EST 10/7) (Apparently) Telus is STILL working on it ...........


If the TSN3 (JETS) and TSN5 (SENATORS) feeds of those games aren't being shown on a CI channel then the package hasn't been "fixed" (yet).


If the CI package hasn't been "fixed" those games should still be available in CI;


- to everyone outside the Senators region using the FS-TN (Fox Sports Tennessee) feed

- to everyone outside the Jets region using the FS-A (Fox Sports Arizona) feed


What I find more encouraging is that there is only 1 feed to each game shown in the guide. In past years there would be at least one game that would show on two different channels (the home and away feeds).   


FYI - It's been confirmed there will be a FREE preview period from Oct 8 - 14,


Since there is no "early bird" pricing (as in past years) I would suggest cancelling Centre Ice TODAY (if you have it) (since there are no cancellations or refunds after the season starts) then watching the FREE preview to see if the TSN broadcasts of the JETS and SENS games are being shown in CI before making your decision whether to buy or switch.

I'm pretty sure Telus if fed by a Bell signal, not to mention Optik TV is only available in Alberta & BC so there's no possibility of regional rights conflicts. Can't see any reason why TSN Jets/Sens/Leafs broadcasts would not be available. I've watched plenty of Jets games on CI the past few years.


The early bird pricing is $200 and expires Oct 31. No reason to subscribe until after the free preview ends I suppose then. Seems to me the free preview in years past was much longer than a week though.

Friendly Neighbour

Good news everyone, I am in Calgary and currently watching the Sens vs Predators (TSN5 regional Senators broadcast) on Telus Optik Centre Ice!


Looks like we got a little worked up for nothing. Enjoy the season!



Friendly Neighbour

Update: My feed is HD but it is choppy and cuts in and out occasionally. I called my family back in Ottawa because they're watching it on the normal TSN regional feed and apparently their feed is perfectly fine, so it is obviously a CI issue not a TSN issue.


Anybody have problems like this in the past with CI? Who should I contact about this?

I'm seeing a lot of glitching on that same game (and checked a few other games earlier and saw it on those as well). I believe it's a Telus issue. 


I live in Calgary. I like the Flames, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks, etc.


How do i know what games are available to me and whether this service is worthwhile?


I had Center Ice on Direct TV when I lived in the US. I could watch pretty any game I wanted. Is it not the same here?

Basically, you'll also need to subscribe to the Sports theme pack to receive games broadcast nationally and regionally on Sportsnet. Some games, including at least one Chicago game and one Tampa game, are being broadcast on FX Canada, so you will need that as well if you want to watch any games broadcast there. If you have these channels in addition to Centre Ice, everything will be available to you, and Centre Ice will still provide the bulk of the out of market games for you.


I also suggest that you make up your mind quickly, as early bird pricing ends Oct 31, and then you'll pay $20 more.



This years Centre Ice (CI) package is the BEST that has EVER been made available in Canada - hands down.


If you have CBC, CITYTV, SN1, SN360 and FX Canada for the "national" broadcasts (that will be blacked out in CI) and SNW for the Flames "regional" broadcasts (that will also be blacked out in CI) and you buy CI, you will have access to EVERY single regular season NHL game played this year. 



What about Canucks games on Sprortsnet Pacifiic or Leaf Games on Sportsnet Ontario?

If you subscribe to Centre Ice, you'll get those games as that's what the package is for, though they will be on the Centre Ice channels instead, so you don't need to subscribe to Sports Top-Up to get them.