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Just Moved In

Wed Sept 21

Hi - My Optik service did a major upgrade itself tonight - and I am wondering what the upgrades are.  I can't find info anywhere on the Telus site.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!


Community Power User
Community Power User

If it's the set top box updates, normally they are just bug fixes. 

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Thanks! It interrupted the tv signal to announce the upgrade - it lasted 10 mins. I was hoping for some new bells and whistles!!


Mostly bug fixes and performance improvements. I think there was an enhancement with regards to HDMI functionality but you may not notice if you didn't have any issues previously.


I like the fact that there aren't new bells and whistles. I want the existing functionality to work better before adding new features. More isn't necessarily better.

One thing I noticed in the guide it now says new for first run programs

Community Power User
Community Power User

HDMI CEC has also been added to the Menu Settings

I can see the " HDMI CEC " option in my Settings folder but I'm not getting the " new program " in my listings. If it matters I have the 4K cable box. How do I tell if I got this recent update ???

If you see "NEW" and HDMI CEC you got the new update.

Well that's problem - I do see the " HDMI CEC " but not the " new program " in my listings.

The New label only shows on certain programs. Check the listing for CBC news at 6:00 PM

So I checked the for CBC Vancouver News and this was all that was there:

CBC Vancouver News

100 CBUTDT    5:59 PM - 7:00 PM


The latest news and weather

No cast information available

News: Other, Original air date 20151008, CC.



Does the " new show " label show up in the listings or just after the program has been recorded. ????

The "NEW" shows up in the guide.


In the menu under Settings/General/System Information look for the client build number. If it ends in 79 then you have the update.

I don't even have the " client build number " in that folder. I do have " client version " which ends in .479 (RELEASE )

build = version