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Night Before Christmas and my PVR died!


I can't say enough about the great service of the frontline Telus employees but they have to work with some questionable policies and procedures - 

One being that a customer like me with a dead PVR can't get a replacement from a Telus retail shop or dealer. Sadly I have to make an appointment  and wait for a Telus Tech to show up at the house


Two because of the above, a customer has to wait x days for an open appointment so a  Telus Tech can stop bye to unplug the old PVR and plug in the new PVR

Three on how hard can it be to swap out a PVR where in most cases the hardware will self initialize with the service

Four days without PVR service and no recording of lots of hockey, world junior hockey and movies for the others in the house. Add to that the John Wayne westerns, Mr. Robot and other shows/movies are gone.

Surely there must be a quicker better service and a less costly one for Telus to swap out dead PVRs?

Merry Christmas and Cheers,