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New Telus HD PVR? 6015


I came across this on some discussion, what I saw was a new PVR coming out soon, and it looks like the wireless box. Is there any truth to this and when will it becoming out?


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It's possible that there may be one being considered for use but there will likely not be an official announcement until just before they release it.


If you mean the old discussion on another forum about a new PVR, there was never anything confirmed about the existence of a new box or PVR.  If it is the box suggested on that rumored discussion, it is not wireless. It's also a completely different brand of box than what Telus is using currently also so it's really hard to say if that is even the one being considered. You'd also be crazy to use a wireless PVR just because of the bandwidth requirements if you have more than one box in the house.

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There is indeed a new PVR model IPV 6015.  It is already being deployed in limited quantities.  It is supposed to be much faster.  It uses a 2.5" drive and is more compact and energy efficient.  Someone is selling a new one on Kijiji around Edmonton area.


Yes, there is a new box called the IPV6015. I just switched from Bell ExpressVu to Telus Optic TV. When I agreed to the package the Telus rep said I could get the new IPV6015 PVR instead of the Cisco ISB7150. However when the installation guy came he claimed there were no IPV6015 units in their Edmonton warehouse. 


Based on the comments at other forums, and the link below, I'm quite sure they exist.


According to Telus they are still made by Ciscio, and they look very similar to the Cisco ISB7005 wireless box. Not sure where the Technicolor name comes into the mix.


In any case I would be interested in any comments from users of the new IPV6015 box, and whether it is worth pressing Telus for a replacement, since I was promised one. The ISB7150 seems to work OK so far. 

I just recently had a Telus Tech come swap out my old CIS 430 for the IPV 6015.
What a difference,, it is night and day.
Super fast,no issues what so ever.
My TV picture also looks a lot better to I think,not sure if there were changes with 1080i to 1080p,,but my display does say 1080p now.
Also seen there is a Wireless Box offered by Technicolor model IPV 5050,I wonder if this will also become available.

Thanks for the update.  It is reassuring to hear from an actual end user rather than just relying on the specifications.  I changed from CIS-430 to ISB-7150 based on paper specifications and I didn't see a significant improvement.  But, I think IPV-6015 will be faster.                                

jnhilton, rayrayj, and anyone else that has the new IPV6015, I have some questions for you if you wouldn't mind.


1. Is there an optical digital audio outlet port on the back?

2. Does the record function let you set the early start time for recording to zero? Or is it zero as a default?

3. Does the removable HDD allow you to store recorded material you want to keep and then buy a new HDD to do your ongoing recording?


The ISB7150 has the optical output, and I need it go get surround sound for my home theater receiver.


The ISB7150 defaults to start recording 1 minute early. It is a bit of an annoyance to have to step through to the real start of the desired program, but that is not the real problem. You can get a conflict in the previous time slot and cannot record the maximum number of channels in the previous time slot, because the pre-recording consumes the available channels. I had the same problem on my Bell receiver until I figured out how to set the early recording time to zero. Called Telus and they claim the 7150 cannot be set, and it defaults to 1 minute early. 


My Bell receiver had a USB port for a portable HDD that you could use for more permanent recording. It was a bit slow to make the transfer though as it was a USB-2.



Its got all the connectors on back.
As for setting the time for recording, it looks like it does start a minute early,,,I don't see any other options to change it.
And the removable storage,I don't no I couldn't open mine.
Found myself prying on it and don't wanna break it.

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The internal HDD is not removable. Some units allow an additional external HDD to be added.
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@jnhilton @RonAKA The PVRs, including the current and past ones, all start recording one minute in advance in case the channel starts the show a little early. There are no options to change it.


The only possible removable storage is specifically USB, and that's if Telus has opted to enable that option. An internal hard drive is never considered removable storage. Anything recorded by the PVRs will be encrypted and cannot be played on anything other than the original PVR that recorded it. 

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Thanks for the responses. As for the HDD, I was going by the site I posted earlier in the thread which said:


"Flexible Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service with a removable 2.5" Hard Disk Drive (HDD) of 500GB capacity"


Also in the picture there appears to be a HDD slot on the right hand side. Perhaps they have intentionally made it not removable? There would be no intention of trying to play the removed HDD on another PVR, just the one it was recorded on. But now as I think about it longer there would be no ability to transfer from one HDD to the other, so I guess it is a useless feature in any case.


It is too bad about the default start early feature. It strikes me that idea must come from the VHS/Beta stone age of recording where recording was based on time, not program selection and one needed to start early to compensate for clocks set wrong in the VHS box or by the broadcaster. No longer an issue of course. Although I have not tested it yet on the 7150 I suspect it wipes out your ability to record the previous show when you are doing multiple recordings around the same time because of the overlap. At least that is what it did in the Bell box until I figured out how to set the start early to zero.

I just got the new IPV6015 and am wondering if theres new recievers that are gonna replace the ibs7105,I forgot to ask the tech...As for the receiver it seems way faster that the ISB7150 and I'm not sure about the picture,it might be better..It's faster that's for sure..

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I am getting sick of the menu lag and they half arsed OSD menus with cut off wording. Just seems lazy and rushed out. Like when you change channels Subscribed is cut off and shows subscribe. There is also text overlaps in menus etc...


Reported it as soon as they pushed it out and like usual nothing becomes of a fix. You'd think a multi million dollar company would take a little pride what they get done for them, guess not.


As for the 7150 i am getting mine swapped out soon as they get them in the city i live in. Even though it's newer and generally faster the update Telus last pushed out make it painful to use in the menus. It

slowed the box down considerably.


I imagine more boxes are in the pipeline with updated specs, hopefully a revamped remote with the source button back again too. Swap out of old hardware is easy when you say i'll just go to the competition it's a small price for Telus to pay for avoiding churn.


They should have never pushed out this update to older hardware it clearly is borderline maxing out the hardware. Glad they are releasing a higher spec'd box.