Netflix - have to sign in every time I launch the app from the Optik IPV6015 PVR


Does anyone else have this issue?  It doesn't matter how I exit the app (Exit Netflix or just hit the Guide button), or how long it's been since I was last in the app (an hour?  a day? doesn't matter)  the next time I launch the app, I have to sign in.  This didn't happen on other devices I've used.  Any idea how to keep myself logged in?

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Hi @dospinacoladas,


This type of issue happens when you sign in to two different locations even at a different time. The only workaround as of yet is not to sign-in on a different STB.


A good example of this one is 

Customer A signs in at location A first.

Customer A signs in at location B later.

Location A is signed out, and will need to re-enter sign-in credentials. 


Hope this helps!


Read through the rules and found out that i have to declare that i'm a TELUS employee so yea, Hi there guys Smiley Very Happy



"saeebb" - Thanks for the answer. So, it's now been close to 3 years since this response. Is there any workarounds and how do we get Telus to use all those dollars they are receiving and put them to good use? I'm still having the same issue as the original customer. I have telus accounts in two different locations and netflix will only stay logged in to one location at a time. It is absolutely infuriating. Telus is basically forcing people to buy an additional netflix subscription because their equipment/software doesn't work.