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NFL Sunday Ticket? Sorry, TELUS doesn't want your business.

Just Moved In

I wanted to order NFL Sunday Ticket this weekend.  I wanted to give TELUS $200 above my usual fees for this service.


On Saturday afternoon, I tried ordering it through Optik TV, after wasting time with the typically slow navigation,  it said that one cannot order that service on the TV itself.

I tried calling to order it. I got bounced around that BRUTAL automated phone system for about 10 minutes. Ultimately it told me the office I wanted was closed at that time and it disconnected,


I could not believe that they didn't have the facility to order Sunday Ticket on a weekend, I imagine hundreds of people have been in the same predicament, so I tried calling again.

I got punted around for another 5 minutes and then it told me the office I wanted was closed at that time and it disconnected, 

I had another instance of frustration with your phone system some time ago and a helpful TELUS TV rep emailed me "Technical support is 24/7 and can be reached at 310-8324"  and "You may also call our Care Team 7 days a week at 310-2255 or chat with an agent directly at"  

Both of those statements are false, I tried both of those phone numbers and both directed to the same BRUTAL automated phone system before ultimately disconnecting me.


I tried the LIVE CHAT WITH AN AGENT and it waited until after I wasted my time filling out all my personal information before it informed me that no agents were working at that time.


I should have been frustrated by all this but I am so used to it from TELUS so I half expected it.

Frankly I felt a little embarrassed to be associated with you.

I will copy this message and send it to the NFL so they know who their partners are. I will also share on my social networks, so I can hear back from all the people with similar stories, as I know there are many.


At least one can sign up online for NFL Game Pass directly from the NFL, so they won't lose this revenue, only TELUS will.


Your shareholders should be thrilled, what a joke....I am now going to look into taking all of my TV needs elsewhere.


Just Moved In
Amen. I'm so tired of the Telus menu, the automated telephone menu, the glitchy service, and the convoluted on demand menu.
I also never ever get a New England Patriots game so I tried to sign up just as you have. With no success. They also cut me off on a weekend and even though I immediately called in and they could accept my payment. On a weekend they couldn't hook my service up until Monday. I only hadn't paid because they don't have online banking, I have to call every month with a credit card. Not impressed. That was the first NFL Sunday I missed.
Now I'll be missing my favourite games this Sunday.
I've been unimpressed since day one with Telus and I'm counting down the days of my contract.