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Who ever writse the movie credits should be SHOT.  They Identify ONE major actor and a bunch of NOBODIES who we don't care about. They miss all the other credable actors. Here's just one example. Crimes of the Heart. Telus lists Diane Keaton and a bunch of nobodies. In actual fact you have Jessica Lange, Siddy Spacek, Sam Shepard in it. That's worth watching. No how Telus list it.


I base my viewing on who are the major stars. I hate it when I miss  a good movie when I think there are nobobies staring in it. Telus drive me crazy with their BS

GET WITH !!! and provide the PROPER actor credits

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The content of the guide is provided by outside agencies to Telus, and is that agency's responsibility to address content. In many cases, THAT content is garnered from the owner of the particular channel, and is defined by them. Remember, Telus just provides the pipe, the owner of the content is responsible for the promotion of their content. Also, if you review the On Demand sections in scouring for movies, you will find more details, including the Rotten Tomato ratings.



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