Mayweather vs McGregor NOT available on Satellite TV


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Optik TV not available in my area, and I am in a suburb of Vancouver, so I have Satellite.


Telus has chosen NOT to make it available on PPV for Satellite subscribers


Either give me Optik or give me ALL PPV events

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Telus satellite TV is a repackaged Bell product, and is not the equivalent of Optik. Telus has no control over the programming Bell offers, nor what Bell decides to allow Telus to offer (i.e. access to programming over the internet like Optik Go), so you might be best to find a number of like-minded individuals at your favourite pub, and view it there!


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Thanks for the info

I was not aware that Telus was "under the thumb" of Bell with Satellite.

The only reason I have Satellite is that Telus has not made Optic available to my area.

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Hey there,


The Mayweather Vs McGregor PPV is indeed actually available on TELUS Satellite TV now. It seems that it may just not have been in the guide previously, but trying again now I found it in the guide if you go to the time it starts: Tomorrow at 7pm AB time on channel 832, or you could try ordering it by phone: 1-866-686-7337. Might be worth restarting your tv box to make sure it's up to date if it does not show at first. Enjoy the match!