MLB Network?


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Friendly Neighbour

Any updates on MLB Network? Rogers picked it up January 2014. and MTS picked it up in September 2014. I have been patiently waiting for this channel since CRTC approved all Canadian TV providers to pick it up. Would be a great addition to the sports fans who love baseball. Please bring this channel to Optik. 

ScottyJ Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

It looks like you've commented on the idea for this, but make sure you've voted by liking it, too! The Ideas section is the space to watch for requests.




Do people actually watch baseball? lol

In all seriousness though, have you submitted an idea on their idea board?

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I agree with the original poster 100%.   I've patiently waiting for the MLB network to be picked up by telus.   We have NHL, NFL and NBA network so why not the MLB network?

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Community Power User

Sooner they try and strike a deal with speed again rather then slow snoozing baseball. Sure most would agree.

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is the mlb network on my telus channels the same as the ps3 app. The games there are archived for the entire year.  which feed do we end up getting 



Friendly Neighbour

MLB Network is not on Ps3. What you are referring to is MLB.TV which is streams of every team's games, you can watch both home & away feeds. MLB Network is its own TV channel with its own daily programming similar to NFL Network, NHL Network, TSN etc