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Low contrast

Has anyone come from high def TV and noticed that Optik is very low detail and low contrast? I have a really good 60 inch Samsung 4 k TV, I am not running the TV through WIFI, all cables are new, I've compared the same movie off of Telus and off of DVD, I have comapred regular TV as well. Honestly my it doesn't even compare to my BELL TV.


The last tech that was here said that they noticed a lack of contrast on Telus Optik. 


Just wondering if this is "normal" or some kind of growing pain in our area.

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I have a Vizio P series and the picture looks great that was calibrated. Probably safe to assume you never really adjusted the settings off factory default or only used the “preset” ones.

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My TV is calibrated, there's no other settings on the PVR, otherwise the picture wouldn't look day and night between several different input sources.