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Live TV while travelling

Just Moved In

I subscribe to Telus Satellite TV (as Optik TV is not available and will not be for some time where I live). As I travel a fair bit, I would like to access live TV for local news and programming however can't. I understand that for some reason, my service is rebranded as Bell (which is one of the cable services that is listed for sign in). Thus I am perplexed why satellite customers who want this service can not be assigned credentials. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is Bell Satellite offered as one of the services listed for sign in?

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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

You might want to research "Slingbox".  It's come in handy at times, however it does not work well on a slow congested free hotel wifi as countless other guests are also streaming.  If the hotel wifi is busy.... use it after midnight, early morning, and afternoons when the wifi is not overloaded.

Also, some media providers also showcase their news stories on their website.  You can follow the local news and videos from there.