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Lack of 4K Content on demand


I upgraded to a 4K box, and Internet 50 when I got a new TV a few months ago. I knew there was not much 4K content currently, and was simply looking ahead to the future (plus my 10 year old Telus PVR died and I needed a new one anyways). Telus is now advertising you can watch Planet Earth II in HD or 4K on demand for free. I can't find it in 4K though. In fact, I can't find anything in 4K on demand. Has anybody else been able to access anything in 4K on demand? I've tried contacting Telus, and after an hour I was told there isn't anything there, but why would it be advertised that it was available, if it's not available??? 



I know Planet Earth II in 4K on Demand is definitely there, I just watched the first episode in 4K the other day.

There might be something off why you aren't seeing a 4K section in On Demand, when I launch it, the 4K section is right there.


I'm not at home or else I would just double check the steps where I find it, but I'm sure there will be someone else who could before I get home.  I wonder if it's something to do with your Optik TV account not setup for 4K?  Can you see the Stingray Ambiance 4K channel on channel 26?

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@SmokeJV @GMoney

Might this be the information you are looking for?

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Click on the on demand button. Under the "featured" section select right on the remote and scroll down to the "4K" section.

There are a bunch of discovery 4k videos. "A night on earth Africa, Ancient Angkor, Close Encounters" etc.


If you're missing Channel 26 make sure it is activated on your account or you will be missing the content.


I knew it was going to be something like that! Don't I have to pay for channel 26 though? Seems odd I would have to pay for a channel in order to get access to other free material not related to that channel on demand?? Sigh, guess it's another hour long phone call with Telus...

Channel 26 is free.  It's just TSN 4K you can only sign up for if you have the Sports Package with the other TSN channels.

I have just been told by a Telus chat member that it is a paid subscription...


I am attempting to understand why I have to pay for a channel I don't want, in order to watch unrelated 4K content...

Ok. I spent another full hour on the phone with Telus, after an hour before that on Telus chat. I pointed out the forum above, where it says that once channel 26 got added, the 4K content showed. The tech told me that relates to a different problem, one with stingray, not this problem. I don't understand how he can think that. The original post in that forum, and his response, is the exact same problem I'm having. The tech would not add 26, because I don't want to pay for it (he confirmed it's a paid subscription channel). They restarted the box (again), and escalated to look at the firmware on the box. All came back with nothing showing was wrong. All he said was that the 4K showed on his end, and it was a mystery to them why it wasn't showing (less than helpful). It's now been escalated to their top firmware people. I have dealt with Telus before on other issues, and have never experienced this lack of willing to listen to what I have to say. Would love to hear if anybody has any other suggestions...