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KVOS TV Me TV Bellingham


Why can we not get the Metv channel from Bellingham here in Alberta.  It is a great Retro channel and would love to see it here in Alberta.  Is there a chance it can be added as well as CHCH Hamilton



Just Moved In

Another Telus customer that would sure appreciate KVOS Me-TV being offered!

Super late reply, but in case anyone else finds this via a google search like I did.


Turns out, we have KVOS Bellingham on Optik Channel 141 - This is a part of the Essentials Package.



Sadly Katt, it is not available in Alberta, just in BC at this time. : ( 


To the thread creator and other reply, I recommend putting a post about this on However, it's also very possible that at this time there are regional restrictions on this particular programming.