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I would really like to know why after having KSPS Spokane for many years, you would change to KSPS Detroit. There are programs, mostly painting programs, that I would watch Monday thru Thursday every week. This is a real unfair ordeal as KSPS Spokane covers Calgary and Edmonton as well, we are included in their station recognition. Now we have a KSPS from northeastern United States that probably doesn't even know where Calgary is. This is not "a wonderful thing" like some people who've recently moved here from the east think. Those of us who've been enjoying KSPS Spokane for many years don't deserve this!!!

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Totally agree.


Are you referring to channel 140? I still see KSPS Spokane there.


That is very strange, but hopeful. Since Monday, when I've turned to 140, it's been KSPSDT, and the painting shows that I watch with much appreciation at 2:00pm every day Monday to Thursday haven't been on. They've been replaced by medical shows, and the call letters have gone to, as I've said, KSPSDT. I live in Medicine Hat and can't imagine that it's only here that this change has happened, but I don't know. To take away all 4 different artist's shows is very nasty, as I paint myself, and get much inspiration from watching the programs. 


I believe the DT would stand for "digital television" (HD), and not Detroit.  Perhaps that caused some confusion.  The "call letters" KSPS are for Spokane.

The Detroit PBS station is WTVS and is also referred to as DPTV (Detroit Public TV).  I wonder if your painting program might be on KSPS standard definition channel and not on their HD channel.

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Most American channels you'll see in the guide near there added DT to their for letter name quite some time ago (year+) when they switched to digital television/broadcasting. It typically shows on channels that broadcast over the air in the USA which is why the cable channels typically don't show DT after their name.


KSPS can change programming at any time. If you actually look at the schedule, you'll see that this week KSPS does not have painting scheduled every day at 2pm this week specifically. Next week the schedule shows the painting shows are back at 2pm.



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Thank you so much for you reply. I feel pretty silly now. I was thinking
that I should wait and see if the shows would be back next week, but I
guess I got too anxious. Again, I do feel very silly for my getting uptight
about the programming. I'll have to try to not be so quick to jump to
conclusions, Thank you again.
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