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Can anyone at Telus explain why KIRO has a Canadian feed? I notice that the noon news is replaced with paid programming....what's the reason behind this?


Someone asked Shaw that same question a couple of months. Shaw responded with "its not our fault, pinkie swear!"  And then blamed KiroTV for modifying its feed to Canada.  ShawDirect now has infomercials in KiroNews noon time slot.


You can contact KiroTV and ask them. Canadians love the Seattle Noon News. The stations even give shout-outs to Canada, thanking them for their patronage.

KiroNews live broadcasts

KiroTV listings.


Its all part of the Canadian advertisers(via Canadian TV networks/CableTV broadcasters) blocking U.S. content for their own profits. Sometimes the computer that cuts the U.S. feed will screw up and butcher the U.S. signal. Its all Canadian Heritage Minister approved, but not approved by the Charter of Rights.


Bell is constantly wanting to block all U.S. TV stations feeds, for their own 24/7 advertising profits. Bell will then buy the U.S. shows it wants to air on its networks.  Bell also wants everyone to pay a TV tax to further make free money without doing anything.

Bell would prefer that the consumer blames the CRTC for what Bell could kill right now, as there are no laws mandating keeping the U.S. channels in the channel lineup.



Me not having Telus TV, but on shaw satellite, I do see more Canadian infomercials(dot ca) being put in place of U.S. programming commercial breaks.  Rogers pioneered commercial substitution.

FoxSpokane, being a really low budget station, runs many Canadian comercials, due to its viewership demographic of U.S. and Canadian.