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Is it okay that my main Optik box is never used?

Just Moved In
We have 3 Tvs in our house, but only use 2 of them. Due to the downstairs one being closest to the computer, the telus installer used that TV as the one to place the main box on. We NEVER use that TV.
We have had our PVR "go offline" and lose all our recordings twice in the month since we switched to telus. Is this because that box is never turned on? The installer said it would be fine, but I'm getting really sick of losing all my recordings.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi there, sorry to hear about this. The TELUS technicians generally should be installing this wherever you request them to put it. To clarify, he put the PVR at a TV that is not frequently used? Additionally, I assume it's not so much that it's losing recordings but the secondary digital box is actually losing communication to the PVR which is located elsewhere, which of course indicates that the PVR is offline. That could be an indication of a problem with wiring in the household or greater issue overall. If it is that the PVR is simply not in the location you prefer, you could simply swap the boxes, just ensuring the corresponding cabling for each one is connected and left at each respective location, since it may be specific to the components at each digital box.