Is Telus ever going to get FoxSports1 or FoxSports Racing like Shaw and Rogers customers have ??


You add crap like the Fantasy channel and Gusto ( Just Food network x2).  And drop channels like SPEED.  Rogers and Shaw customers get to enjoy all the NASCAR races including qualifying, all the truck races, ARCA and Telus customers get nothing .  Please get FOX Sports Racing and Fox Sports 1 like your competitors if you want to continue to have customers.

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Shaw DOES NOT carry speed it was dropped a few months ago. To cheap to pay to carry the new Fox Sports Racing.

Fox Sports 1 won't ever be distributed in Canada. So no sense asking for it. CRTC is protecting good old TSN and Sportsnet from real competition. Only channel that can be distributed is Fox Sports Racing (Re branded SPEED Chanel)

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I too am very patiently waiting for FOX Sports Racing. 

Any word from Telus execs if this is even in the forseeable future??


Yes I think Bell, TSN AND Sportsnet somehow have the CRTC wrapped around there finger! Total BS! We let refugees just walk across the border but we need to be protected from what we watch on TV!