Is Subtitle option not available for VOD?


I just moved to Optik TV. I was watching a VOD that I ordered. But I don't see any option to have subtitle 'ON'. Does anyone know if there is any way?

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Try changing the settings for closed captioning, You can access this by hitting Menu from your remote and then Settings > Television > Closed captioning. 


Note that this is a universal setting, meaning it might show subtitle for every channel you're watching on as long as the broadcaster allows it. Workaround for this is to switch it back to off once you're done watching



Found this on our resources, 

"Due to a technical issue, the closed-captioning on some content may not function as desired.  Content team is aware of the issue and is seeking to resolve in a timely manner." I made a feedback about the current status of closed captioning with VOD. 


Found out there's a rule and i need to inform you guys that i'm a TELUS Employee. 

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