I have a free TELUS digital box right now but would like to get a PVR. What should I do?


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Friendly Neighbour

I have this digital box for free. Wondering whether I could just buy a new PVR from craigslist and get a TELUS installer to come for free? Can't find this on your website.


If you are just replacing a receiver then you do not need a tech to come out. Techs are only needed if you are adding in a new box. Make sure when you call in that you have the registration number from the digital box you are looking to swap out. Its located on a sticker normally on the back.


if you purchase a PVR 430 from Londondrugs or futureshop you can have Tech install for free otherwise there will be a possible charges involves, You can also contact Customer service to have PVR rental and have a tech to install it