I don't want an Optik box or PVR, I just want to use the Apple TV app. Can I do this?


To be clear:


  • I do not want a digital set box.
  • I do not want a PVR.
  • I will use the Apple TV app for everything.
  • I do not care if I am paying for some Optik TV features that I cannot use. I do not want these devices in my home.

Can I opt out of renting these boxes?


Doesn't look like I can when ordering online.


To be extra clear:

Pik TV is not an option. It doesn't not have the channels I am interested in.


If you don't want Optik service or the Optik hardware then why are you ordering it at all?


I have three boxes with Optik... the 4K PVR and two other 4K wireless. They give the two for free and I get charged only for the 3rd an extra $7/month but somehow I think I am only paying $5 but can't remember right now.




AppleTV is nice but doesn't compare to a real box.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, just order unlimited internet service, and watch all the Apple TV stuff you want on which ever device you wish.


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