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I can not record shows on my pvr

Just Moved In

My one box allows me to pick shows to record; however, it doesn't record them.  When I try it on my main box (pvr) it advises that the system is busy and I can't record?  Any suggestions?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you rebooted the PVR and tried again? If yes and no luck, it could be one of a few things.


Can you watch previously recorded shows? If no, does the PVR still recognize the harddrive properly?

>> Menu > Settings > General > System Info > System Resources


If it can't see the harddrive properly, time to call a tech and replace the PVR. It's possible Telus may have some other things they can try software-wise but I'm not sure.

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CPU Alum
CPU Alum
  • That happens if I have too many shows recording at the same time.  Cancelling programs helps.
  • Did you max out hard drive space?
  • sometimes if one recording is about to hand off to another, the system is busy.  Waiting 15 to 30 minutes frees up the time.

If these things don't work out.... I would call telus and let their expert staff take a crack at it.  Perhaps it is a defective unit.

Just Moved In

I chatted with online support.  Made me reset the home network - unplug all TV boxes.  Plug back in PVR unit first.  Then the others after it has initialized.  Worked perfectly.