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I can no longer get CTV Go access without logging in with a Telus password

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Only Telus Optic TV logins are acceptable, whereas I have Telus Satellite TV. 
Communicating with CTV, I got this reply: "Unfortunately, the only way to access the locked content and live streams on CTV GO you must sign in with login credentials provided by your television service provider. It seems that Telus does not provide access to Telus satellite customers. We apologize for the inconvenience.  I would highly suggest contacting your provider with your concerns as other providers do provide access to their satellite customers."


I have now both contacted and escalated my request through Telus.  I have now been directed here to the forums to make a request. 

I make known my request that Telus add Satellite TV to the CTV Go acceptable logins. 

Much appreciated.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus Satellite TV is Bell Satellite TV. Bell also owns CTV. Bell doesn't let anyone with satellite access their various Go apps. This by far is NOT a new thing and has been going on for years. There is nothing anyone at Telus or on the forums here can do unless Bell changes the way in which they operate. I would have suggested complaining to the CCTS but one thing they exclude / don't get involved with is TV is digital services.


Exceptions to TV services are:

  • digital media broadcast undertaking (DMBU) services, which are services generally delivered or accessed over the Internet or delivered using point-to-point technology and received by way of mobile devices
  • interactive services and applications provided by TV service providers


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So if I had a bell account also would it let me use that or not because it’s also satellite?