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I am checking Cable Station FSR FOX Sports Network 1 Not available on Telus ,Shaw isCable55

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   I was checking my Optic Stations   ...   Checking with my friend he has    Shaw Cable 55 for the FSR Station, FOX Sport 1     Telus does not have this station...    Can you check into this request..    I am driving over his place now to watch the Sport racing on his SHAW Digital box..  Thank you for your attention for the request.. If no Telus solution, what do we need to do to view this station..  Thanks  donald



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Fox Sports Network / Fox Sports 1 are not going to be available in Canada as Fox has previously said they would not be petitioning the CRTC to allow them to exist here. One other reason for Fox is that some of the Canadian sports channels have broadcast rights to some of the content for Fox Sports 1, meaning Fox can't air the content in Canada. Fox Sports Racing, is available in Canada primarily out east at present. Most providers dropped FSR when it was still known as Speed channel.


There are very recent news articles about people trying to find a way for Shaw and Bell to carry the channels but nothing has come of that yet.


Shaw has no mention of either of those channels existing at all. Both on Shaw and Shaw Direct. There were also no press releases announcing the return of the channels. The one they released years ago when they dropped Fox is still online though.


Shaw Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg: Channel 55 = Movie Central
Shaw Vancouver: Channel 55 does not exist on their list.
Shaw Toronto: Channel 55 = The Movie Network


Telus dropped the old Fox Sports for two reasons that I saw. One was the price increase and the other was the extremely minimal demand for the channel. Even when people were venting about losing Fox Sports a while ago, extremely few complained.

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Because people really watch outtv and many other useless channels lol...

There are ways to get fox sports one just have to look for it.