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How to report incorrect channel information?

Friendly Neighbour

Channel guide information on Optik TV is incorrect for Channel 968 - REV3L TV.  The information for this channel has been incorrect since it first appeared back in December.  I have no idea what program is airing as the programs on this channel rarely show the name of the TV program that is airing.  At 1:05 pm on Jan 9, the channel guide shows Adrenaline.  No idea what show is actually on.  There is a DJ (Carl Cox?) playing music for a crowd.  Not sure if this is Rave or Adrenaline - my guess is Rave which is supposed to start at 12:03pm.  Description of Adrenaline says extreme sports.  Working a mixer board at a concert isn't what I'd describe as an extreme sport.  Not sure if it matters but I have a 4K package and access to all 4K channels.


a previous link posted a few years ago to report incorrect information leads to a Telus web page that provides no information on updating channel guide information.  Is there an updated link for reporting incorrect channel information?



I wonder if the guide is off by an hour and it's perhaps a timezone issue?

If did a quick check of the channel and noticed the same as you.

There are moderators that review these forums that could perhaps escalate the issue.

Have you reported it to support? That would be the first step, as frustrating as speaking to support can be.