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How to Set Up Bitdefender Box 2 with Wireless Optik TV

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I am trying to connect all my devices to the Bitdefender Box 2 and everything connects effortlessly except for the Optik TV wireless box. The Bitdefender Box 2 is set up to clone my existing Wi-Fi network and the wireless function on my T3200 modem is disabled. Apparently the Optik TV wireless box will only work now if connected directly to the T3200 which is not an option. If I leave the wireless feature enabled on the T3200 everything will connect directly to it and not to the Bitdefender Box 2 which defeats the purpose of having it in the first place. Is there any other way to address this issue? Is there a way to stop any other devices from accessing the T3200 forcing them to use the Bitdefender Box 2? Would creating a bridge help?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I'd assume you're using a different SSID on the Bitdefender box so that shouldn't be a problem. All that's left is basic wireless configuration changes for the other devices. Just forget/delete the T3200's SSID on those devices. If they don't have the password stored on them, they won't connect to it. 


At present the Optik wireless boxes will only connect to the T3200. If you have a PVR you'll want that direct to the T3200 also or the wireless box won't see it.

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Based on the OP indicating the Bit Defender box cloned the T3200M, I expect a different SSID would need to be set for it. 

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I suspect the Bitdefender box is blocking the multicast traffic that supports telus tv.


If you cannot configure the Bitdefender box to pass multicast traffic the you are going to have to use separate SSIDs and enable  wifi on the t3200.