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How often does your Optik TV freeze or pixelate?


Switched about 3 weeks ago from Bell Satellite TV to Telus Optik TV. While at times it is more often and other times infrequent, I would estimate that the picture freezes and/or pixelates about once per hour of viewing time. How does that compare to your service? This is quite disappointing compared to the essentially clean trouble free Bell service. 


When it was first installed I did a bit of a test and it could record 4 HD channels at the same time and I could still get my 50 Mbps internet speed. I thought everything was fine. 


The PVR is a Cisco ISB7150 which is hard wired to the Telus router and our main TV. The router was changed out to a Actiontec T2200H when the OptiK TV was installed. The phone line in was also bonded. We had 50 Mbps internet prior to the Optik TV which delivered 5-6 ms ping and 52 Mbps down and 11 Mbps up performace. With the new router ping has slowed to 12-15 ms while the down and upload speeds are similar. See current Ookla test results below.


Good thought. I am not aware of any ham radio operators in the area, but I will have to look around to see if I can see anything.

And remember it's Telus issue not the ham operator this is a known issue Telus needs to address

I checked around the neighbourhood for Ham operator antennas and did not see any. Also the power, telephone, and cable wiring in our neighbourhood is all underground. So I am thinking, radio interference should not be a big issue? There is one temporary overhead wire strung between two light standards near our house, but I believe it is Shaw cable, and not telephone. Don't know for sure. But still no radio antennas in the areas. The main Telus wire centre is right next to a fire hall, so I'm sure there may be some powerful radio communication systems there.


My Optik TV went through a spell of sudden pixelation for a while last year. Not enough to be really bothersome, but definitely a recurring problem. Then the problem just went away. My hardware configuration is unchanged. Optik TV PVR connected to Actiontec V1000H via coax.

I have not noticed any pixilation since the last tech rebooted the router, and the ISB7150. That would seem like a temporary fix at best though. One lesson I learned though is that when you use a Voip phone on a DSL internet service, and they reboot your router, it drops your phone call. Not much way around it other than to use a cell phone to call, or tell the tech to call you back, after he kills the phone.



I also switched from Bell ExpressVu to Optik TV. I regretted making the switch for a long time. I had constant problems including pixilation. It seemed to me, Telus techs don't have a very good understanding of how Optik TV works. I have three hardwired STB's and one PVR. Rather than use a network switch, the first Telus tech connected the PVR with coax cable, since the router only had three CAT5/6 ports available. Since my house is wired with CAT6, I asked them to use a switch instead of connecting the PVR with coax. I was assured it would work fine with coax, in spite of the fact coax has a fraction of the bandwidth CAT5/6 does. After numerous pixilation related service calls, I read on an AT&T U-Verse internet forum that you can't mix CAT5/6 and coax connections. AT&T U-Verse uses the same STB's and PVR's as Optik TV. I immediately called tech support and told them what I had read. They said they were not aware of any problems caused by mixing CAT5/6 and coax connections. By this point I was fed-up, so I told them to send a tech to my house with a network switch or send a tech to my house to remove the Optik TV! Naturally, they sent the switch although the tech said it wouldn't solve the pixilation problem. It did! The tech was more surprised than I was. I haven't had a single second of pixilation since then.


My biggest frustration with Optik TV has been, every problem, I've had to solve on my own. Telus has been no help.


Now, if Telus would only add the "much loved by satellite users" auto-tune feature to Optik TV's firmware, I'd no longer miss Bell ExpressVu. Perhaps if Shaw TV adds it to their firmware, we'll finally get it too.