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How do you turn on the captions on Telus TV? Are the apps (such as Tumblebooks TV, Karoke) free?

Just Moved In
I have a Sony Bravia LCD TV and a universal remote.

Does everyone have captions? I accidentally turned it on once but I couldn't turn it on anymore.

I used it once but I couldn't remember whether or not I got charged for it. If it does, does it get charged by minutes or what?

Thank you!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Captions are usually set from the TV menu. It may be easiest to use the original remote to access the menu.

Closed Captioning is available at no cost, but may not be present on all broadcasts shows.


Update: on Telus  Satellite press Menu > Preferences > Closed Caption.




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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

On my optik remote...

  • Menu button
  • scroll right to Settings
  • scroll down to Television
  • scroll down to Closed captioning
  • ensure closed captions is ON
  • ensure it's "Closed captioning 1"