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How do I ungroup my PVR recordings?

Just Moved In

Hi there;


I just noticed that a few of my recordings have grouped themselves together (such as two episodes of Scorpion).  I don't mind this, but when you go to view your list of PVR recordings by date from oldest to newest, the Scorpion "group" is grouped up/listed as the newest one in the group as opposed to the oldest, so it always gets bumped up the list.  How do I ungroup my recordings so everything is chronological? 


Thanks in advance for your help.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I personally find it easier to have it grouped by show. The group is a scheduled series recording. It will put all episodes from that series in one container and display them in the order in which they were recorded. The date is usually along the side of each episode with the newest at the top and oldest at the bottom. If you manually hit record for individual episodes, then you'll have a massive list of individual recordings from all of the shows you record.

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