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How do I delete a program after watching it?

Just Moved In

Am I missing something? So difficult to delete programs after watching! There must be an easier way that I’m missing!! HELP! 


Just Moved In

exactly why I came here to find out .. My previous PRV you could delete numerous.  Also it bugs me that you don't know the release date for the program or if you have already watched it..  My previous PRV what so much better.


I am sure we were promised a delete feature while watching the show similar to the restart wheel.

At present you must go to recordings, find the show you were watching click it and several steps later have it deleted. Then you sit back and try to remember what you want to do next as that series has now bounced to a new position in the lineup

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

There was indeed a promise for bulk delete, we're still working on it!

Also would like to know how to delete show after just watching it. To many steps right now to go back into recordings and delete it.

There was also more information on recordings like the first released date. If you record a bunch of shows now, it only tells you the recorded date and not the actual released date of the show itself.

Please help with both of those features..