How can I watch recordings from my satellite PVR receiver on more than one TV?


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Telus said they can't install more than one PVR in a home to allow me to watch PVR recordings on more than the primary TV connected to the PVR.  I am talking about satellite TV not OPTIK.  I don't know whether this is policy or a technical issue.  Right now I do it with my Bell system because my 9242 Sat. PVR/Receiver has an RF output.  Telus can't provide that type of receiver or an alternative according to the Telus people I have spoken with.  I've had to cancel my switch to Telus Sat. TV.

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When I had satellite TV, each TV was fed by a different cable from the dish, so no interconnectivity between the units. Newer equipment may have come available since, however Telus repackages Bell Satellite TV, and may not use identical equipment.



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