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How are the new Cable boxes right now compared to the old ones?


I've currently got one of the Arris PVR's hard wired to my "white" modem, since I bought a gaming PC a few months ago, I now run a Chrome window on my 2nd monitor beside my TV/primary monitor to watch shows in the background. 


The page talking about the new smaller boxes is suggesting that you can now play recordings on any device, not just the cable box, due to the recordings now being saved in the Telus cloud and not on the hard drive in the Arris box, is that correct?


I'd like to switch if that's accurate and I'll be able to watch recordings in the Chrome browser, as long as there is still full functionality of Skip and Rewind controls in the browser of course (I mostly watch sports).


Lastly, I'd like to know if anyone has any feedback on picture quality, before and after, old hardware vs the new hardware. In my opinion, the PQ is mediocre on HD channels, and as we know, 4K just isn't becoming a standard with sports broadcasts on Telus at least. 


Compression is part of the challenge that the providers face, but I'd love to find a source of higher quality/resolution sports, primarily I'm watching the NFL and Golf, Basketball on occasion and I just jumped on the Canucks bandwagon.


Anyone out there subscribers to 3rd party options that provide NFL and Golf and have experienced a noticeable picture quality improvement?


Thanks 🙂


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Community Power User

If you haven't seen this thread it would be a good place to start:


TELUS TV Feature Updates - Ongoing - TELUS Neighbourhood


I have the old box but some comments include poorer picture quality on the new boxes. Cloud recordings are only kept for 90 days is also an issue for some.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.