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HorribleT.V. Signal and Telus's Solution


I had Telus install their equipment and for 8 months have had to call for technical support as my picture was just scrambled pixels and lost audio over 24 calls  and each time they give me free movies or a free movie package GREAT!!!! I have  a problem with this as the same reacurring problem is that I can't watch a movie or program if I cant see anything but scrambled pixels and can't hear what the hell they are saying because of the dropped audio and the best part is that I'm physically disabled and they continually ask me to go and unplug the boxes and pull the entertainment unit away from the wall in order to get at the wiring is a challenge to sday the least. 5 techs to my house in 8 months with the latest one being this morning, Telus Techs were just here 3 weeks ago, first one screwed the pooch the second one actually found a problem and thought we had it all fixed until I came home from the hospital once again and figured I'd lay in bed and watch a movie only to find that the very first time I decide to watch this Television in that particular bedroom that the same problem has not been fixed! They gave me $50 off my bill lasdt month for all the inconvienance WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I've been paying for the service for 8 months and I'm getting such a deal they told me! Well when I signed up for all my packages these were the deals!!!!!!!!!!! The only concessions I've recieved were the free hollywood channel for 2 months for being such a good customer and paying my bills on time or so I was told and the $50 off my bill to make up for Telus's incopetence in fixing this problem in 8 months!