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Hd and vod issues

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I noticed this probably three times since I signed up with Telus on Feb 11th. The hd channels freeze completely. When this happens, it is only the secondary boxes that this happens to. I tried cravetv and the video works but the audio will cut off. I can get it to sound again when I pause and then play, however eventually the sound will cut off again. Both cravetv issue happen to the pvr and wireless box I have. The live hd tv freezing has happened Don both my secondary digital box and wireless. Not to the pvr. All SD channels work fine.

This is really pissing me off. I have hdmi and component and neither seem to make a difference. I get that with technology glitches happen, but to have this happen three times in less then two weeks is ridiculous.

Lastly the most recent time that the hd feeling has happened is when I was pvring a show in hd. When watching the show being recording on the wireless box, it was fine. But if I changed to any other channel, it would freeze. But the other times this has happened, nothing was being recorded.


EDIT: while fiddling with things I managed to encounter the freezing on the PVR as well.. My below post reveals what the actual problem was. 




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Community Power User

Have you tried calling Telus yet? If two of the three boxes are having issues, it'll be something at your house. Either a problem with the connection to those boxes, or statistically less likely, 2 messed up boxes. The issue has nothing to do with HDMI or component. If you're watching the show being recorded on the wireless box, it's streaming from the PVR directly and you're only using one HD stream. It's likely a bandwidth issue within your house or on the connection to the house. Call Telus to have it diagnosed. They can see which of the boxes are having errors and when.

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I figured it out... after fiddling with things, it is because of my account being limited to 2HD 1SD.  The following confirmed this;


1) I had an HD being recorded while the pvr was on another channel (TV off, unit was on).  I tried to watch HD with another TV, making that technically THREE HD streams going on at once, hence the freezing.  Also, when I watched the channel that was being PVRd, it would work since it was now just 2 HD streams going on.


2) Had all three TVs on with HD live TV.  The third TV would freeze.


3) Had all three TVs on live HD TV, and once one was turned to the same channel as one of the others, it would be fine.


4) No matter what the above combination, the SD channels always worked.


5) If I turned off one of the units, the other two TVs would work in HD.


I had a tech come this morning to activate an outlet in my bedroom, and confirmed this with him.  Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier as I read a lot about accounts being usually 2HD 1 SD... 


What took me by surprise was that they were able to upgrade me from 2HD 1SD to FOUR HD!  I had my doubts with Telus due to some of the issues I have encountered (well really the only issue probably all stemmed from this one issue now that I think about it).  


But the short time I have been with Telus, I have been very happy with their customer service, both from the techs, the CS on the phone, and online chat.  Hopefully things will be smooth the rest of the way!

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Community Power User

Mine got the 4HD upgrade as well. It all depends on the available bandwidth on your connection. 🙂

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