Has anyone noticed their 4K PVR slow when skipping ahead or back lately?


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wow, you are an optimist. The fact the thread was marked "solved" wasn't a big enough clue Smiley Happy

They count on that you will forget. And most do. They just get used to the new way. And the few who don't forget don't matter.

Same thing happening now with Gmail. I hate when they break something that was working but you stop using it or get used to it.

Hate be be political, but this pretend they care (gmail...oh you can switch back ...a month later ...not anymore) but then they do what ever they want, is the same as .... here is vote... you are in charge.....but the result is never what you want. It's just theater for those who can't tell the difference.

You can call them and ask to bring you a regular hd box. The older boxes don't have the lag
Why does this problem say 'solved'
This problem had been going on for a year. Telus 4k boxes are crap. I had a faster pvr in 2008!