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Habs fan wanting to watch ALL Canadiens games

Just Moved In

Hey all,


With all these new rules and recent acquisitions im quite confused. Last year and the ones prior I just got RDS/Sports Bundle/Essentials and was covered for all 82 games and then some if i wanted to venture outside of Habs territory.


That being said life has changed and im confused


Im looking to get it explained on a simple level for the simple mind i have. How can I now watch all 82 games? Can i just get sportsnet "eastern" feed with TVA and call it a day? or will blackout rules apply as its been made quite clear anyone Wet of Quebec wont be able to get more than 40 games. Am i misunderstanding any of this?


Is my only resolve for this problem to get Gamecenter or Center Ice?


If anyone could help it would be great, also im sure there are lots of Habs fans with Telus Optik TV that are close to as confused as I am. I want to understand soon as im sure others may agree so this can all get sorted come game time and perhaps even take advantage of any early bird offers.


Cheers all and appreciate any help anyone could offer.



It is my inderstanding that 60 games will be on RDS and 22 on TVA Sports.  There is a new notice on Coming Soon on Telus TV Highlights for TVA Sports HD.  Channel 2085.


By the way it will Included with Divertissement theme pack.

So, like years past, we can get all 82 Games in French for $5 a month???

Wow, I thought we were gonna get screwed!!

You are good to go!  Until CRTC says No More Packages, It will ALL be Pick and Pay as of December, 2015.  Then you will be paying $4.00 for each channel selected.


TVA Sports was added this week.  You will not miss the 22 Saturday games

Where is TVA Sports.....I see TVA (in SD)...but no sports

Hi Habboy, TVA Sports HD is on channel 2085 for Optik TV and 1883 for Satellite.

Ok, got the $5 Divertessment pack, see how it goes, no blackouts?

I don't believe so Habboy, as was not the case last season.

Well, its been confirmed...1st preseason game on RDS today, BLACKED OUT!! Due to broadcast restrictions. This is BS, Telus....Like seriously, what are suppose to do in BC


I know it ultimately has to do with Rogers owning everything....still im in BC...what you think I should fly out there and goto the game live, guess I will cancel the divertissment pack, thanx anyway

too early to panic. Its only pre-season. BTW, the Canadian express broadcast version was not blackout and I was able to watch the game afteward.

Time to panic


You need NHL Center Ice or you won't get any of the games this year. Thank the NHL and Rogers for this one.

Alright, so due to RDS/TSN not being a National broadcaster anymore (now regional only), the Montreal games will always be blacked on on that channel. To my knowledge however, the TVA Sports games should be available (as they are considered National broadcasts). So that's about 30+ games. The other half+ could only be watched using NHL Centre Ice. : (

Will Center Ice have blackouts as well, I live in AB and I just want to know what I have to do to be able to watch as many games as possible. I have read in different posts that the Optik Center Ice package will still black out the HABS, SENS, JETS, West of the center (or bunghole) of the Canadian universe.  I've called customer service twice and nobody seems to know either. I was told to go check out for the schedule (thanks for nothing!) but nobody could tell me if I would be blacked out here in Alberta.  If I have to buy the center ice package so be it but I will be EXTREMELY upset if I spend $200 and I'm still blacked out. I have $200 dollars here in my hand I just need someone to tell me to spend it! Little help here Telus Tech, times a wastin'!

Just got off the phone again, it's a crap shoot.  There is a chance the regional games will be blacked out, but they may not.  I'm going to roll the dice this year and get it, if it lets me down, bye NHL center ice and probably bye Telus (just for spite).

You do know this has nothing to do with Telus ? Rogers and the NHL own the the broadcasting right. Gary Bettman is an 100% responsible for this **bleep**. You are not the only one who is questioning the NHL broadcasting rights management.

I'm in the same boat but with the Sens. Someone in another thread said it actually is a Telus problem, and if you have Centre Ice with Bell/Rogers/Shaw you have no blackouts. I definitely don't want to spend the money on Centre Ice unless I know there's no blackouts with Telus. Does anybody here know the answer?


This is untrue. NHL Center Ice is own and operated by the NHL. There is blackout in certain game with NHL Center Ice with any TV provider. This is something that happens in every hockey market.TELUS do not own any content. We are only a provider. If you are unhappy about NHL Center Ice, please take the time to complain to the NHL and Garry Bettman. 


Rogers owns the national broadcast right for every single NHL games for the next 10 years or so. RDS has obtain regional rights for the Habs games hence the blackout.  In theory, they should not be any blackout on sportnets or any Rogers own channel. Everyone else is subjective to the broadcaster negotiated right. I am unaware whether Bell/Shaw has negotiated the right to broadcast hockey nationally. I highly doubt it. They probably only have regionals rights to certain games. 


Here's a tip. 2 hours after the hans games. RDS does a "Canadien express" where they condense the game into 1 hour. The blackout does not apply to this content. So you can in theory watch every game on RDS. Just not live. There will be 66 games Habs broadcasted on RDS. The remaining games will be on TVA Sports which own the french national broadcasting rights. Theses games should be subjective to blackout.


I hope this makes its clear for everyone. 



Other providers(Rogers and Bell) are offering a NHL Center Ice french packaged  that includes 111 games broadcast live in French, 60 Habs games and 54 sens games for $60. Any idea why telus in not offering this?


I Have telus satellite TV which is just Bell re-branded. So I don't understand why Bell is offering it and nobody at telus even knows what I am talking about!  

I'm in Langley, BC & got RDS from Telus for $5/month last season for all 82 games As noted on the RDS website, if you're outside the designated zone for HAbs games, they'll be blacked out on RDS. Sorry to be a downer, but I've been in touch with RDS (French TSN) over the last few days. They gave the same rhetoric about NHL/Rogers license agreement, which also covers the "Canadiens Express" program.  This means no "Canadiens Express", the 1 hour recap show. This doesn't make sense as they game would already be over.


Per Rogers website, "This October, fans outside of Montreal and Ottawa broadcast regions can also get up to 111 games broadcast live in French, including les Canadiens (60 games) and les Sénateurs (54 games) on both Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ and on TV with Centre Ice®. Starting in October, customers can also subscribe to a French-only package that includes select out-of-market regional games for $59.99 for the 2014 - 2015 season."


Right now, there are 40 English national games (Rogers owned channels).

I've watch every pre-season game on RDS with "Canadien Express". It's not subject to blackout.