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Galaxy S7 does not work with Optik TV on the go


I just upgraded my phone from the Galaxy S5 to the S7 and now my Optik on the go does not work. I get the message "Sorry, the configuration of this device has been modified or rooted and does not support the use of the Optik on the go app." Is there a fix for this?


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Community Power User

There are a number of discussions on this topic which you can find with a search using the term "Optik rooted". None indicated any resolution of the issue.


It seems the variety of versions and changes to the Android operating system by various vendors is a contributor to the lack of functionality from one device to another.


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I am thinking it has to do with the android version, using marshmallow v.6.0.1. Still doesn't fix the problem. 

Ouch.... hopefully there's a new patch, release soon.  My S6 works fine.

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As was mentioned earlier in this thread, there are multiple threads identifying this issue, going back to 2014.  It sounds to me like TELUS doesn't want to change their stance on this issue.


My android devices are rooted because a) the original vendor does not supply security updates in a timely manner, and in fact have dropped support for more than half of them entirely, so I compile & install newer ROMs with updated OS; b) backup & recovery software (e.g. Titanium Backup) require root for proper functionality; and c) I own the device I should be permitted to access it in its entirety.


To preclude me from accessing TELUS advertised features, which I pay for as part of my service, because I choose to stay up to date with security patches and maintain proper backups is ludicrous.


Should I prevented from accessing Optik TV on the go on my PC if I have access to the Administrator account, or on my Mac if I have root access?  That is exactly what's being prevented on android.  This is not an analogy or a parallel example, this is exactly the same thing.

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Community Power User

You may pay for access to the feature but Telus doesn't say that all devices are supported. If you read the description on Google Play it tells you: "Rooted devices are not supported due to content provider restrictions.". So based on that it would mean in order for Telus to offer on the go, they are required to exclude devices that are rooted or the broadcasters will pull the plug entirely on it. That would include most using a forked version of Android like Cyanogenmod on the OnePlus. I suspect it is the fact that there are so many apps for Android that advertise they can record streaming video from the device itself, but need a rooted device, that have the broadcasters putting restrictions like that in place.


Root access on a Mac is nothing like Android in any way. You can have a regular admin account on your Mac and it has no real restrictions on it. There's nothing I can think of on a Mac that would specifically need root access. 


The thread you hijacked was about the S7, which has a different issue with Marshmallow specific to the S7 itself.


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It has been some time since I first posted this, at the time I had a new S7 (not rooted) just new. The problem was Telus Optik TV on the go did not support the new Android build. Now it does. This seems to me to be a case of Telus just taking time to catch up with technology.