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GOL TV pulling out of Canada.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I don't watch it, maybe others do. GOL TV is packing up and leaving Canadian Airwaves. Guessing not many watch the channel and are bleeding losses here.

Gol TV – Revocation of licence

1. Gol TV (Canada) Ltd. has requested the revocation of its broadcasting licence for the English-language specialty Category B service Gol TV, originally granted in The Soccer Net – Category 2 specialty service, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2005-380, 3 August 2005. The licensee indicated that it will cease to operate the service on 31 August 2015.

2. Given the licensee’s request and pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and 24(1) of the Broadcasting Act, the Commission revokes the broadcasting licence issued to Gol TV (Canada) Ltd. for the above-mentioned service, effective 31 August 2015.